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Best Long Term Cure For Depression

One of the best long-term cures I’ve found for my own depression (and maybe it can help you too), is consistent exercise. 

Another is sleeping well without disturbances.

A third is doing what you love for at least half the day.

A fourth is having a friend who you can tell ANYTHING to...

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16 Success Guidelines For 2024

Guidelines For Success In 2024

1. No fake friendships.

2. Only love.

3. Gentleness over irritation.

4. Goals over despair.

5. Step 1 is every day. Every day is step 1.

6. Saying ”no” IS love. Saying “yes” to everything is haphazard messy behaviour.

7. Eating healthier...

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Health Tip 1 - How Much To Exercise To Lose Weight?

Health Tip 1 - How much to exercise to lose weight & how much exercise per day is good?


To be healthy and fit, I recommend moving the body (aka going to exercise in whatever way you choose), 3 to 6 times a week for at least 30 minutes each time.

If you're doing 3 times a week for...

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