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Health Tip 11 - Get A Massage & 2 Good Reasons Why

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When To Get A Massage?

Honestly, a massage is something you can get weekly. A lot of people spend their whole lives with health issues, and when I ask them the simple question of, "Do you do massages?"... the answer is always... "No."

Think that's a coincidence? Think again. 

Human touch and connection is something we need for our overall general and spiritual health. It's proven science at this point, and if you don't know that, you are SEVERELY behind the curve of whatever "cutting edge sustainable planet and (insert other big, confusing and sleek looking words here) you are trying to build, or you say you are *yawns*.

Go get a massage as often as you can, even your family members can help each other for free! Makes for a great couple bonding moment too while chatting. My wife and I face each other, on a sofa, with both our backs against the armrests on either side, and give each other our legs, and we chat while we give each other foot reflexology. Just thinking about it is making me feel warm and fuzzy. 

In addition to blood circulation and the reasons mentioned above, here are two more good reasons to get a massage:


Reason 1: Stretching Out The Tendons and hence... Muscles

A well-done massage, restores your musculoskeletal system to neutrality, by stretching out and the tendons and ligaments. 

Yes, stretching, either by yourself or someone massaging you, actually SHAPES the tendons, which then in their proper state (and shape), will tug and pull on your tight muscles, to ease them into relaxation too. 

So for example after a week of the gym and heavy (or light exercise), you not only need a full body stretch (which should be daily if you're aiming for optimal health), but a massage as well. 


Reason 2: The Energy Body Can Get Healed Simultaneously (Lots of Chakras In The Feet As Well)

There are a lot of chakras in the body (and for those of you new to spirituality, you can check out my spiritual life videos, or my spiritual card readings and healing videos, or my Universal Healing testimonials to get an idea of how it all works) and different points in the body contain different chakras. The feet contain lots of chakras, and personally each time I get a foot massage and close my eyes, a lot of spiritual healing and energy activates and I can see a deep dark blue and purplish energy at my third-eye area/chakra. 

When two people interact, especially in close proximity and through touch, their energy bodies are interacting with each other. While you will need shielding and some energy resetting after a massage (as you actually would be doing after ALL human interactions if you're aware about this stuff), it is good to get the massage anyway to let your own energy flow and reset, especially if it has been stuck in places. 

Also, if the masseuse is aware of healing energy and is sending you healing energy and therapy (other than the subconscious "I'm a masseuse and I help other humans" love energy), it is good to receive that type of healing, whether it is Reiki or any other energy they are sending for healing purposes. 

So get a massage as often as you can afford it, and remember we would do well to spend money on things that serve us and our well-being, often.  

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