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What Is Reiki Healing & How Does Reiki Healing Work?

Reiki healing is a positive template for positive energy transfer. Reiki can be broadly defined as Universal Life Force Energy or Cosmic Energy. It is an energy that transcends religion, race or a particular "God". True neutrality, is how I would describe its alignment.

Reiki healing works by sending Universal Life Force energy to any area of the body, and any area of your life that needs it. Insights, solutions, clarifications and guidance can be channelled as needed, and comes down to the personal practise style of the Healing Practitioner. Reiki works at the root cause of problems.

Reiki Energy is all around us at all times and works very quickly when summoned, in the best interests of the person or the situation on behalf of which the healing is requested. "Best" here refers to what your Soul, Guides & Supporting Entities from other realms deem to be of the highest truth and light for you. It is to be noted that this is not necessarily what your human mind may want at the moment. 

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What Can Reiki Healing Be Used For?

Reiki healing can be used for the following:

  1. Resolving & Easing Work Issues
  2. Working On Relationship Issues
  3. Identifying & Solving Health Issues
  4. Money & Income Issues
  5. Confidence Issues
  6. Life Path Issues
  7. Releasing Emotional Energy & Blocks
  8. Balancing Body Energy & Chakras
  9. Cleansing Toxins From The Body
  10. Strengthening The Immune System
  11. Removing Negative Blocks
  12. Animals
  13. Plants

How I Conduct Reiki Healing Sessions.

In my Reiki healing practice, I perform a body scan and pick up problem areas and related affected life situations and solutions, and send relevant amounts of energy to balance the corresponding Chakras in your body, for better holistic health and existence.

Currently the quickest and most convenient way to engage me is via distance healing which happens remotely, after we have discussed details on a call. In-person healing sessions are also available upon request.

I am also a psychic and more specifically a medium, a spiritual card reader and a channel, and I combine all these powers with a distance Reiki healing session for a full service experience if needed. Some clients prefer this, and I term it "Universal Healing". Alternatively we can simply work with Reiki energy and healing if you wish. For my other Spiritual Healing services including card readings, refer to the contact section below this one or hit me up on socials.

Reiki healing sessions, especially distance healing sessions, can be purchased in packages, for continuous treatment over a few weeks. This can be during a tough time in your life, or simply for an extra boost of clean, neutral energy for the highest truth and highest light for you, in perhaps an important period in your business, marriage, relationships or even during someone's passing into the other realms. Too many people turn to spiritual healing and wellness only in times of trouble. In reality, having a healer on call is as useful as having a personal trainer, or a mentor at work. After all, the trinity is Mind, Body AND Spirit, not just Mind and Body.

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Learning Reiki and Reiki Attunements

I am currently offering Reiki Lessons for Usui Reiki at the following levels.

  • Level 1 (Hands On Healing)
  • Level 2 (Distance Healing & 3 Reiki Symbols)
  • Level 3A (Master Healer Level)
  • Level 3B (Master Teacher Level)
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How Do I Contact Zephyr for A Reiki Healing Session Or Packages?

You can either book a call here by clicking here, send an email to [email protected], or Whatsapp +65 94245190 for the quickest possible response in times of need. 

About My Practice

Hi! I'm Zephyr and I'm a Reiki Healing Master/Teacher (Level 3B). In other words, I have reached the Master's level of capabilities as a healing practitioner and I can teach you how to perform Reiki as well.  I prefer not to use the term "Healer" around beginners or people new to the healing sciences/arts, because it gives beginners the false idea that someone can "heal you". While as a generalisation and for ease of explanation, this phrase can be used, what actually happens, is a large collaboration between your Soul, your Guides, the Universe, the practitioner (and even their Guides) and all energy around us. A healing practitioner is a conduit, a channel and an avenue, to help you heal yourself, and move forward in life. We facilitate the flow of energy. I am blessed to be able to do so and do not take this responsibility and path lightly.

I am also a Certified Personal Trainer, and a Life & Success Coach, and will tie in this knowledge to help you alleviate your concerns and problems that you come to me with, for a swift and speedy recovery where possible, if needed. The combination of mind, body and spirit is a potent mix, and the inspiration for naming my registered company, Three Part Human.

Let me elevate you, as quickly as I can and for the best path forward for you. ❤️ 


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