Feedback that I've picked up at various stages of my journey.

Vishen Lakhiani,
CEO, Mindvalley

"His story is really inspirational."
"He now has a mission, not a career."


John Sharpley
Composer, Performer, Teacher, Lecturer, Writer

  • Brilliant & visionary
  • Highly effective motivational & leadership abilities
  • Acute & articulate intelligence
  • Profound perceptive listening & analytical ability

Harris Jahim
Subject Head, School of the Arts, Singapore

"Mr. Zephyr Khambatta is an artist that will forge his own path with successes as a trailblazer."


Life Success Coaching & Counselling

Lynne Ng
Retired Professional

"I am 56 years old and have had other life coaches. I was a little hesitant wondering what life experiences could possibly be imparted to me since I am 20 years Zephyr's senior.

My first encounter with Zephyr changed my initial reservations. I am especially impressed by his intuitive ability. He asked the most pertinent questions. I think that is the singular most important quality of a good coach. It amazes me that I have all the wisdom inside of me waiting to be tapped by the right questions. I am one of those who would leave a coaching session more confused than when I went in. Often times, I go back into my busy routine and I forget our discussions. So I especially appreciate the written follow up from Zephyr, detailing our discussion and the follow-up actions. That really helped me regain clarity to map out my next steps.

Zephyr's approach is focussed, reflective, practical, productive and supportive. I highly recommend him!"

Percy Khambatta
Head Priest, Zoroastrianism, Singapore

"Too awakened. Too young. Zephyr removes the clutter and shows you your situation without the onion peels. The situation may smart like a raw cut onion, but he takes you on a new path from there, to a better you."

Adhava RRV
DevOps Engineer, GovTech, Singapore

"I wouldn't have learnt things this quick if it wasn't for Zephyr's mentorship. He knows what actually works in real life & what doesn't. Converting one of the music sessions into a life coaching session was the best help for me during such a hard time in my life. He is an excellent life coach!"

Jehanara Mulla
Secretary, Pakistan

"I’m from Karachi, Pakistan. I had a great therapy session with Zephyr. It made me feel good. He is good at what he guides others in. I hope I can have more therapy sessions with you. Thank you."

For Youth - Life Success Coaching & Counselling

Mindset, Habits, Health, Authenticity & Spirituality.

Student, Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore

"Meeting Zephyr really opened my eyes to the spiritual side of thinking. I admire his sincerity and in how he dissects problems, coming up with an understandable solution. I appreciate all the tips he has given and they really are something to ponder on. I admire his view on life and his passion for helping others through his own enlightenment! Thank you so much Zephyr!"

Serena Bharucha
Regional Marketing Manager Middle East & APAC at Halliburton, Dubai

"As a life coach for teenage kids, I thought Zephyr was professional, very thorough, full of energy and was able to connect with my children easily. In just 1 hour each of life coaching sessions, he was able to listen to and guide them with alternate views. I’m very pleased at the structure, tools and focus he was able to provide in just 1 session. I highly recommend him as a life and success coach." 

Bhagatveer Singh
Hip Hop / Rap Enthusiast, Singapore

"(He was) really knowledgeable & helped me gain more confidence in myself to pursue my career as an artist with the right mindset & further knowledge of things I should do to move forward as a Rap artist." 

Spiritual Healing, Guidance & Counselling

Can include distance Reiki healing &/or Card Readings &/or channelling guidance from your spirit guides, guardians, angels, ancestors &/or spirit animals.

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Thila, 29
Producer, Singapore

I really didn’t know what to expect, but Zephyr put me immediately at ease, explaining the process and his approach to reading. With crystals placed around the table, the reading started. He explained each card I pulled in detail, referencing traditional tarot interpretations as well as his intuition and previous personal experiences.

The reading was done using 3 different decks – each focusing on a certain aspect/question I had. In one reading, for example, he successfully predicted a positive change I was going to experience in a short time. I found his readings to be accurate and insightful with regard to both my present situation and future events.

 The entire session was recorded and the audio file together with pictures of the cards were shared via email. This was indeed helpful to refer back to the reading.

Having your tarot read by Zephyr is like having a conversation with an old friend. Though it was my first time meeting Zephyr, it just felt like I was hanging out with a friend. He tells it like it is, with grace, lots of humour and excellent advice. I do strongly recommend a reading with Zephyr to anyone.

Angela Millar
Artist, Australia

"I’m in Australia so had an online reading with Zephyr in which I received an email from him which included images of the chosen cards, their meanings and Zephyr's interpretations. I’m really pleased with the reading, It was thorough and explained clearly. I will definitely be paying attention to the messages received and look forward to future readings!"

Cliff Ng Wee Kiat
Real Estate Agent, Singapore

"Zephyr is a very helpful and sincere mentor. His work is very organized which makes it easy to understand. Reflective and accurate! He went the extra mile to give tips/suggestions which made me ponder further. Thumbs up experience."

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