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What To Do When They Ask You To "Prove" Something Spiritual

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Image about being calm when people ask you to "prove" something spiritual to them.

What To Do When Someone Asks You To "Prove" Something Spiritual


Often in my spiritual and metaphysical explorations (more on the page "My Story"), especially when speaking about phenomena, or the experiences from my healing sessions, channelling, mediumship and so on, I'd get a friend (usually friends, because strangers tend to be more polite - which in itself is another topic for the future but a messy one), who would ask, "CAN YOU PROVE IT?!" with a raised tone, and maybe a raised eyebrow or two. Understandable.

Some of these friends were trying to show their intelligence and cognitive ability, as we do as humans, to have a balanced discussion. Some of them, however, would be so closed-minded, that they would have a look of finality on their face, showing that they thought that they already knew the answer to that question.  Also, I'd sometimes notice that there was a sliver of excitement there, for the more open-minded and balanced ones. You get all kinds on this planet, after all, there are so many of us here. 


Immature Responses To Someone Asking You To "Prove" Something Spiritual


When I was younger, and just breaking out of my friend circle in terms of spiritual development, I used to get really excited, and full of a passion and vigour the moment they said, "Prove It." I did have the stories, that could prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that yes, forces outside our 5 senses do exist. The stories are irrefutable. Any person with basic logic, will tell you that all of those could not just be "coincidences". Here's a short one, and if after reading it you still feel it could be a "coincidence", then this article isn't for you, please close the page, you're wasting your time.


A Short Incident

A lady from New Zealand who did automatic-writing (allowing a spirit or guide to write by controlling your hand) was staying at our house while I was in Arts school and she told me that my friends from school could ask anything they wanted to, to the spirits. I came home with some questions from a friend who wanted to ask her deceased father something. The father wrote back (through the lady), and finally after a long pause, the lady ended her writing with, "and Antonio (name has been changed to protect the identity of my friend) says __________," which she read out to us later. Given that that last piece of writing was after a pause, I thought, "This is wonderful, 2 people want to tell my friend something and help her. Antonio must be an uncle or another family member, dropping into the session in a friendly way."

I sent my friend the messages, and added the line about Antonio. Then, out of curiosity, I asked her, "Who's Antonio?" She replied, "Antonio's my Dad bro." ... When the questions were asked, and when presenting the questions to the automatic-writing lady, there was NO mention of the word "Antonio". The word "Antonio", came out DURING the session, and the first person who mentioned that word, was the lady. There you go, argue that. Tell me that was a "coincidence". The name of my friend was only given to the automatic writing lady in person at the time of the session, and there were no devices anywhere around her, so you cannot argue that she "searched it up online". Bullshit. LOL. She was sitting at our home's altar, facing us, in her night-dress, as it was morning, and it WAS our home, so we were all casual. Then out came the word "Antonio", during the session, on the piece of paper she was writing on.


Why "Proving" Something Spiritual Is Pointless

I have many such incidents in my personal collection, and more continue to appear as I move through my spiritual path. I can easily bring all these out each time someone says, "Prove It!!"

I have stopped doing that, and am about to share why, and I'd like to inspire you to see the validity in this. 

  1. Depending on the approach someone is taking via their tone, facial expressions and energy, when they ask you to "prove" something, you can easily tell if they're saying that for entertainment, to start an argument, waiting for you to fumble (they wish) so they can counter-"prove" you "wrong", or genuinely trying to assuage their own doubts, so they can give themselves permission to continue on their spiritual path (which is not your job to do by the way unless the conditions are suitable and the path is clear). If it's any of the reasons except the last, there is nothing to gain here by proving it to them. At best, you'll shut them up. At worst, you'll make them look and feel stupid. If it's the last reason though, I urge you to first ask them why they're asking you to "prove it", just to be certain of their intentions first. If it pleases you and them (they're there to have a pleasant, open and understanding exchange with you), then go ahead at your discretion.
  2. Everything is energy (watch a 1-minute video here), and you might be re-activating old energy and memories from certain incidents. Given how violent or unpleasant some spirits or encounters might have been, it might not be in your best interests to re-activate these energies. 
  3. Their journey is their own. Every soul came here to Earth for some reason or the other. As such, and respecting their own individual path, think back to your own path. Did you discover these phenomena and occurrences by running around and asking people to "prove it"? Probably not, and from my personal experience, I'm assuming that if you wanted to learn, you would have asked nicely (because I always did). What am I trying to get them to be here... the Queen of England? No, but behaviour and language conveys intention. Intention is energy, and their energy will tell you everything you need to know about whether they are ready to receive such information. 
  4. It can mess with your own spiritual journey. If you are tuned in to the divine, you came here on a mission. That's obvious. Just look at the society around you. You already know this. The Awakening is alive and well on Planet Earth currently, and is a difficult but beautiful time to say the least. For us spiritual healers, empaths, psychics, etc., our OWN energy is extremely important, and management of this energy is key. If you convince yourself (or let them convince you) that you need to go around "proving" things,
    1. First, you fall into the trap of contributing to a system where things are only "real" if other people believe it or understand it easily, aka it's "foolproof". This is a complex topic, but to simplify it, while there is merit in being able to show something "simply" (I agree), currently, because of the nature of oppression and fear-driven systems on Earth, and the degree to which some of us have allowed ourselves to be dumbed-down, there ARE some things which only people who are open to using more senses than the 5 which have been prescribed to us, will be able to grasp, which most others won't. In which case, such a system of having something be "foolproof" to be "real" a.k.a. "Only if all of us can understand it easily, it's real." can easily lead to some things that most cannot grasp, remaining completely undiscovered. Which I feel is just dumb. That is NOT how growth as a species is done. Yup. Saw it, called it. *does little dance shaking hips*
    2. You could discourage yourself from a beautiful path which you know is true for you. Plain and simple. Yes, it IS important for us to be happy and peaceful about our own journey. PEACE, is a non-negotiable, if you want to walk this journey well.


Mature Responses To Someone Asking You To "Prove" Something Spiritual


I'm using the word "mature" here purely as a measure of the length of my active spiritual journey and change in response type as I move into higher vibrations of peace of accepting things as they are.

If you somehow reach a point in your discussions where someone does say, "Prove It", try to back away kindly with something to the effect of, "I don't think it's within my journey to "prove" anything to anyone, especially on a topic that can be this personal, like spiritual exploration."

I daresay it will raise their level of respect for you (and hence go a certain distance in preventing future argumentative energy), diffuse the situation with gentle energy and also, leave them a slight bit more curious than they were, for the future πŸ˜‰ - nobody said we're not allowed to inspire others further on their spiritual path! 

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With Love
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