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Life & Success Coaching by Zephyr Khambatta

Zephyr Khambatta is a former top student from Singapore, who then carved his own path and has since received 27 Local, Regional & International media featuresĀ in Singapore's national press such as The Straits Times, Berita Harian, Channel 5, CNA, TodayOnline, regional platforms like ExpatChoice.Asia, Coconuts Yangon, Popular Journal as well as international platforms like Apple Music, VH1 and MTV. Zephyr has been succeeding at his goals for 26 years now, since 1997, when he decided to aim to be 1st in Standard out of 120 students, in Primary 3.

When it comes to Life & Success, Zephyr tends to know what he is talking about, first hand.Ā His brand of life coaching and real-life wisdom is notĀ replicable via a degree or qualification. His own brand of coaching is known as Authentic Life Success, where you work together to create success in your life in ways that are unique to you, your goals and your visions. Zephyr uses a holistic approach with wisdom from multiple fields including metaphysics, spirituality, physical health, mental health, psychology, authenticity, content creation, social media and the media industry (all of which he's excelled at) to uplevel your life from every angle.

An extremely humble, knowledgeable and generous personality and coach, he will teach you everything he knows without holding back in his 1-on-1 sessions, depending on what you are ready to take in and assimilate, in a way that makes sense for you and your journey. This coaching package is a customised arrangement as an individualised form of his flagship course,Ā Expressing Your Gifts.

Read more about him on the StoryĀ page.

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