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Following The Signs & How To Spot Synchronicity

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Image about following the signs and living in synchronicity. How to follow the signs and how to spot synchronicity.

Following The Signs & How To Spot Synchronicity

When in touch with spirituality and the energetic nature of the Universe, you will be greeted with more and more signs and synchronicities daily. On the whole, whether you are or not, you will find yourself seeing and hearing about such things more and more anyway, because we all have a soul, and we're all part of one big whole. Even scientifically, Schumann resonances are rising (or so I've heard, I'm not a scientist scientist). It's no secret that there's a large spiritual awakening going on on Earth currently.

Types of Signs & Synchronicities

There are various ways that signs and synchronicities can come to us such as (but not limited to):

  1. Numbers, images or ideas that have special significance to us which only we understand, such as our birthdates, our birth years, or other special numbers and animals which are close to.
  2. Repeating numbers, also known as "Angel Numbers". In some ancient languages or early forms of some modern languages, I read that "Angel" is another word for Structure. I believe it was some form of Spanish, if my memory serves me correctly. Upon further reading you might find that this is where spirituality and metaphysics are one and the same thing, as we are one big whole.
  3. Coincidences such as when you've asked the Universe for a sign, and in a short span of time, you get multiple numbers, images, information or people telling you something that many people would write off as a "coincidence".
  4. Strong messages, intuition or dreams occurring right as you are about to fall into deep sleep, or just as you are about to wake up. Those dreams we can wake up with and remember for instance.
  5. A certain animal that you see each time you need an answer from the Universe. Look up Spirit and Totem animals.

How To Spot Synchronicity

To spot these signs and synchronicities, you basically need to be aware that these exist and send out a clear intention into the Universe and to your spirit guides that you're going to want to receive these. Both spiritually, and scientifically, this works. Why it works spiritually is beyond the scope of this post, but why it works scientifically is because the brain is a goal-seeking mechanism, basically. It will start to focus on clues, signs and anything you ask it to focus on, more, when you command it to. 

After that, it's a matter of piecing it together and making sense of it.

What Do Signs & Synchronicities Mean?

As shown in the above video, I saw my birthdate on the block number, but... so what? What does it mean if it was my birthdate? Well, the most common meaning, one that I've come to realise over time, is one of me being on the "right" path, or the destined path. The word "right" is in inverted commas because there is no such thing as right or wrong in the Universe. Only actions and consequences. That's a metaphysical (and actually a pretty logical) truth that is also beyond the scope of this article but one that I will cover soon.

To me, when I see multiple signs and synchronicities appear in a flurry, it means that I'm on the correct path for me in this lifetime. Hindus sometimes refer to this loosely as "destiny". In our society, we've been so riddled with doubt and self-doubt, that this is the assurance that most humans need. I believe that our spirit guides and the ETs (another story for another day), know this, and hence they send us these signs to make us feel safe. 

For an entrepreneur or freelancer like me, that can mean reassuring me that family occasions are a good use of my time and not a "waste of time", as I'm like a racehorse who's been let out of the gates after I wake up. Anything in the way of my personal goals, creative pursuits and visions can seem like a gigantic waste of time. Logically speaking I'm accurate, they are a waste of time. However, to live a balanced life, you need just that - balance. 

For you, the signs could mean something else! Happy exploring!


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