Choosing to hold the light for yourself and others.

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Choose to hold the light for yourself and others. Quote by Zephyr Khambatta.

Honestly, there's darkness everywhere. Nothing can be perpetually bright and shiny. We even know this from spirituality for example which simply put, states, that for you to know what light is, darkness has to exist.

If you look out of your planet what do you see? Black. Pitch black, might I add.

As we go through life and we are confronted with both light and dark, and if a certain situation calls for it, I do want to remind everyone that we have the power to hold the light. Both for ourselves, and others, however we choose to, and if we choose to.

As Captain Planet might say, "The Power Is Yours."

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 Hey there, Zephyr here. I hope you enjoyed reading the post.


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Full Transcript Of Video Above

You can hold the light for yourself and anyone else in any situation as long as you choose to and the key word here is "CHOOSE." Of course there are the keywords like "LIGHT" and "HOLD". The keyword here is "CHOOSE". So everything that we do and that we experience and that somebody else experiences because of us is, and I'm about to break it to you, is a choice. Now some of these choices are subconscious because they're habits and you're so used to making those choices, but you can also make very conscious choices and that's what it means to live consciously. So even if somebody else is for example, berating 
you about something or shouting at you, you can hold a calm listening position for them and this is just one example, to make them feel better that they let out their anger. It's tough, but it's a cool thing if you can do that for somebody else. So exercise your choices wisely on a daily basis. Thank you.

It’s about the journey, not the destination

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