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A Time To Learn And A Time To Earn

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I was watching a video on YouTube of a speaker once, it was one of those deep-voiced African speakers with a really sexy voice. I could be wrong but I believe it was Eric Thomas.

He said, "The first 30 are for learning, and the next 30 for earning."

Well, that one probably flew right by me, as I'm 36 and I don't make much. Or maybe that's just the 6 years I've taken largely off for my own healing journey, after suffering from emotional abuse my entire childhood and not having a family that believed I need(ed) to fix it, and resorted to name calling and other things when I wouldn't perform in school according to their standards (not mine), and start studying in a field I actually wanted to (so really I only got to make my own first big choice at 21, and I had to threaten to move out if they didn't agree - LOL, imagine the control!).

It is only NOW after I had to play family counsellor and act kindly towards the people I was receiving abuse from (imagine that), that they've finally agreed to start speaking more and opening up to healing, in the last 2-3 years. And even that has been largely a chore, and only in the last 6 months have my parents actually completely opened up to counselling and therapy, and that too for the reason of "sorting it out" (from at least one of the parents). Oh dear Industrial Revolution, what in the flying fuck did you do to an entire generation?

Cue Christina Aguilera's song and go... "We-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee had magic... and thi-i-i-i-i-is is tragic...."

I digress.

Separating The Time To Learn and The Time To Earn


This is what a lot of people traditionally do in a broad sense, which is to study for formal qualifications till a certain date, and then they "get a job" and then they "climb the corporate ladder", or whatever other ladder they're climbing. While this path can be a bit stiff, it has its uses.

But some don't. They go on getting over-qualified and not actually progressing in careers. For example, I've heard of people who are PHDs and are over 30, and just start working in the real world then, and have hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans. Maybe it's just me but I find that weird.

In line with that, what I'd like to add to this topic is that in case you're addicted to personal development and learning, like I am, is that you HAVE to actually set aside time to earn, and do work in the real world, and earn cash (if you need cash). Otherwise, we could tend to go on never-ending learning journeys. Like those sabbaticals which kids take after their University and say, "I'm off to Europe for a year to discover myself."

While those are good if they're about a year long, it's very possible these days to be stuck in your parents' house behind your laptop they bought you, just learning and learning, and not actually applying any of it. It is especially crucial for coaches, healers, teachers and so on, as we tend to love learning ourselves. Add to that if you're freelance or "running an online business", and it could be game over (till you restart the game) if you don't have your days planned out.

Be SURE to have at least 50% of your day to actually make money, daily (or on the days you work). Your bank balance and your dependents will thank you. 


Earning While You Learn


There are several people (me included), who might come from financial scarcity, or are just natural entrepreneurs, or both, who start taking on jobs when they're young. For example, I was involved in a legitimate multi-level marketing company and other part-time gigs while waiting for University to start like working for a pharma packaging research company in their lab, running physics camps for children as one of their facilitators, and answering support calls and tickets for an online casino support site.

There are also plenty of children and youth worldwide who earn while they learn.


Learning While You Earn


This group is rarer. Once we set off on our careers, into our offices, and are packed with the hustle and bustle of family life, who actually spends the time to take more courses either through governments or online businesses and schools, get new degrees, learn online through Blogs and YouTube channels, and keep an open mindset? 

Not many people. Those who do, remain abreast of what's happening in the world.

I've personally been disgusted when I ask a person at a party what their company does, and they don't know much other than their own job scope. Maybe this is just my fear speaking, but, it feels strange that they'd put themselves and their families in that position, especially if they're the sole breadwinner. Is that all they think it takes to do well in the professional world?

For some people yes, and kudos to them for holding that vibration and also getting paid for decades, but for most other people, who're that clueless, they can easily be replaced by A.I., technology, or a fresh graduate who'll ask for half their pay. Best of luck then.

For creators, awakening humans, online entrepreneurs etc., learning while you earn is a pre-requisite. It's not even a debate. They know that because of the way the world is moving online, and even spiritually, this is just a daily practise that you do, whether you like it or not. You either have personal development mornings, or you spend 2-3 hours on the next online course, or even 30 minutes in my case if you're strapped for time, and you just keep growing. It's like food. You don't live without eating. 

Similarly, you don't have an online business or grow spiritually without learning and seeking. It's never-ending, just a thing you do. 


The Best Way To Earn & Learn


Do them simultaneously. At least, that's the way I've done my life, and it's beautiful because it fires all parts of your nervous system and being daily. I do it all, because I need variety. Doing just one thing can wear me out, although I love honing in deep on things. Like this blog post which was supposed to be 4 lines long and now here we are. 

Set aside some time for learning, set aside some time for earning, and learn how to strike a balance in your day. Your life will be better if you're balanced, and people tend to love balanced people too. 


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