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Why you feel lonely.

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You are not alone. Blog Article and YouTube Video by Zephyr Khambatta about how humans are working together around the world in unity.

People often ask:
What is the main cause of loneliness?
What does it mean when you feel so alone?
How can I stop feeling lonely?
What do I do when I feel so lonely?
How come I have no friends?
Is loneliness a mental health problem? 

I have often pondered on this during my healing journey too. 

That's when this quote came to me (from above):

You are not alone. Every day, humans around the world are working towards making everyone's lives easier. We are in this together. 

Usually, loneliness occurs when you are going through a transition of sorts or realising things about yourself. This can be triggered by your own activities and thoughts or by external stimuli.

For example:

  1. You are are realising your origins from past lives and are contemplating the occurences on planet you're on, which can seem a little primitive, if you were from more advanced star systems in the past.
  2. If you are around people who are oppressive towards you. This could be anything from domestic abuse to too many instructions according to you that do not agree with your soul, at school, work, or even from a spouse or parent.
  3. You realising that you know more about the Universe and spiritual truths than the others around you, what I life to call Spiritual Life Success, or advancement in Universal Truths. Basically, you're a more evolved human being and it is painfully obvious to you based on how your friends, family, co-workers or anyone else you're around behaves. This could be anything from unhealthy habits which you're ridding yourself of and which they haven't caught up to in their own development, to them engaging in mean behaviour while you become a kinder and more loving human, daily.

These are of course just a few examples. 

My sincere and firm advice on this matter is to seek out people you resonate with, and start mingling with them instead. 

Alternatively, if you prefer some personal time (I know the feeling), carve out an hour or two a day just for yourself.

There are actually more people on the planet than you know who are facing the same thing as you as we move through this period of awakening on Earth. You are definitely not alone, friend. ❤️

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Love ❤️
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 Hey there, Zephyr here. I hope you enjoyed reading the post.


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Full Transcript Of Video Above

You Are Not Alone. Every day there are humans around the world working towards making everybody's lives better through systems, processes, new methods of doing things inventions, love, kindness, peace, teaching, consulting and all types of other activities that humans undertake... even baking cakes for  you!!! They're trying to bring you comfort, peace and joy and a little bit of a sugar rush. So it might be very easy to feel like you're alone and a lot of us do feel like we're alone from time to time... and that can be other planetary influences because we might have come here from a different planet for this lifetime or you might just be around oppressive people or you might have evolved way beyond the people around you and I know that one for sure: here and there in different parts of my life and we all have these stages... but do know all humans are internally built on love. Sooner or later all our actions are guided and move towards love. Hope you guys enjoyed that one. Thank You.

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