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Why I Created The 21-Day Sleep Early Challenge

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Why I Create The 21-Day Sleep Early Challenge by Zephyr Khambatta. Benefits of sleeping early.


Summary - This is why I created the 21-Day Sleep Early Challenge


1. I used to be 1st for 3 years straight in primary school out of 120 students, and I used to sleep very early.

2. This trend continued and I realise upon looking back that each time I was achieving certain accolades or having very smooth progress in sports, spirituality, my music career, etc, I was always sleeping early, and when I wasn't... I wasn't sleeping early. Coincidence? Probably not. There are no such things in the Universe.

3. Sleeping early has always helped me to get out of depressive spells, general funky feelings, or slumps in progress in any part of my life. 

> You can find the full transcript of the video at the bottom of this article.

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 Hey there, Zephyr here. I hope you enjoyed reading the post.


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Full Transcript of Video

(Please note that this video and episode, features Zephyr speaking extemporaneously – he is almost always unscripted and unedited, acting on his intuition and divine guidance. His guardian spirits include Dragons but we'll skip that here.)

Hey friends, welcome back to my YouTube channel and Facebook profile. Today in this video I'm talking about why I embarked on a 21-day sleep early challenge. You might have seen the videos on Facebook, you might have seen the videos on YouTube... and why I created a Facebook group called the "21-Day Sleep Early Challenge.

Unless I'm mistaken, the group can be found at All you have to do is answer a few simple questions to sign up and get in. It's free to sign up and get in you just have to drop your email address and off we go to the races. Well it isn't a race actually it's the opposite. It's an exercise in self-care. The reason I started it is because when I was young I used to sleep very early at about 8 45 or 9 or 9 30 and do very very well in school. We'll skip past the definition of what well means and whether that's even healthy for children. That's another topic for another video but at that time, I was the first in standard. I was like the first out of 120 students... and I realized over time and throughout my life that whenever I was trying to achieve something, whether that was sports, whether that was just peace of mind for myself, whether that was doing well in my Spiritual Awakening or doing well in my music journey, studies, and my degree and then career, and now releasing songs that are featured on worldwide playlists and so on... it's always just been better for me to sleep earlier, which then leads to waking up earlier.

I'm so productive in the mornings - I can't even describe that feeling. It's like a blissful floating feeling of sailing through your challenges. It's just so wonderful that I knew I had to get back to it now after months and periods of not doing it - whether that was having a child and losing sleep, whether that was stressing out over some parts of my career here and there in certain time periods over the last 10 years, whether it was arguing with my wife or family members or friends as we all have arguments as human beings from time to time, whether that was staying up all night because I was motivated on a particular creative project. Sometimes you start creating a song and you can't stop because it's so addictive. I feel it's addictive because of the healing power of music or the creation that you're doing. There are many theories on that. I could be completely off but the point was that taking all that back to sleeping early has always yielded in good results, and that's been really amazing for me, my family, my friends and the people around me, and they've often commented in such periods... "Wow! That was quick! You're back to your normal, happy-go-lucky self again!" And that usually happens when you sleep well.

That's why I started a challenge for myself and I've been releasing Facebook and YouTube videos about it, and now I've also created a group which you can join so do join up. I'm gonna drop the link in the description of this Facebook and YouTube video and I hope to see you inside where we can all motivate each other, you can join at any time of the year. It doesn't matter when you're watching this YouTube or Facebook video. Even if it's five years after I publish this, you can still join up. Join the community and let's help each other to sleep early, wake up early (and) have a productive and fulfilling life. Do note also that it's a very safe space. We do not welcome any negative comments, we do not welcome any negative behaviour there. If of course you are angry about something in your own life and you're sharing it with the group or you're angry about something you've observed in the world and you're sharing that with the group, that's completely fine. You're welcome to express yourself, but we will not tolerate tearing down of each other we only want to support and lift each other up. So as long as your comments are serving that, they will be allowed. So that's all for this video.

I just wanted to share the reasons with you and wanted to share with you guys that sleeping early really helps and I'm saying that as someone who chronically does not sleep early except when I was a young kid and I know the healing powers of it and how good it is and how good it's been to me, my bank balance, my life and my family in the periods that I've done it, and there's just too much to be said to fit into a YouTube video. Maybe I'll create another YouTube video called "The Benefits Of Sleeping Early", but this one was just to let you guys know about the challenge I'm embarking on if you'd like to support me in that, and a challenge that you can embark on in our Facebook group and I could support you with that, and that's how we grow and it's an upward spiral and it's good energy all around. So if you'd like to join up, see you inside the group.

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