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Why Am I Stuck In The Past? Why Am I Stuck In Life?

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"Why Am I Stuck In The Past?"
"Why Am I Stuck In Life?"
"Why Am I Stuck In My Own Head?"
"Why Am I Stuck In My Career?"
"Why Am I Stuck In My Relationship?"
"Why Am I Stuck In My Marriage?"

Being stuck in the past can be like carrying around a heavy burden that weighs down every step we take toward the future. It's a common human experience, but understanding why it happens can be the first step toward breaking free.

One reason people get stuck in the past is because of unresolved emotions or traumas. Painful experiences can create deep wounds that we may try to ignore or suppress, but they have a way of resurfacing, often triggered by similar situations or anniversaries. Instead of facing these emotions head-on and processing them, we may choose to dwell on them, replaying the events over and over in our minds like a broken record.

Another factor is fear of the unknown. The past is familiar territory; we know what happened, how it felt, and what to expect. The future, on the other hand, is full of uncertainties, and that can be intimidating. So, rather than embracing change and moving forward, some people cling to the past as a way of avoiding the discomfort of the unknown.

Third, and the most important, which combines everything else in this article, is that you have forgotten who you are. That's both in the real world, AND, spiritually. This is due to the demands, requests, conditioning and rules of others, which many of us live our lives according to. You need to uncover yourself, and re-discover yourself. I'm calling Module 1 of my course, Expressing Your Gifts, "Uncover Yourself" for this very reason. Before you try to do anything else, you MUST know who you are. That is mission number 1. Take as many years as you need. Take decades, if you must. After all, Neale Donald Walsh's books have stated that humans actually only figure themselves out at around age 50 (be sure to read ALL of the Conversations With God books). So take your time with that one. Not having a vision, goals and a life purpose of your own can definitely lead to being "stuck".

Additonally, societal and cultural influences can also play a role. We live in a world that often glorifies nostalgia, romanticising the past and idealising certain time periods. This can create a sense of longing for a time that may not have even existed as we remember it, leading us to believe that the present can never measure up.

Moreover, personal identity can become intertwined with past experiences, making it difficult to let go. We may define ourselves by our past successes or failures, allowing them to dictate our present and future actions. But true growth and fulfilment come from embracing change and evolving as individuals.

Breaking free from the grip of the past requires courage, self-awareness, and a willingness to let go. It means facing our emotions, confronting our fears, and challenging our perceptions. It's not always easy, but it's essential for personal growth and living a fulfilling life. As the saying goes, "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present."


1 Quick Tip To Stop Being Stuck In The Past And To Stop Being Stuck In Life

I explain this in depth in the video, but here's a summary:

  • People who know who they ARE (those who have figured out their spiritual missions on Earth or those who have rediscovered their childhood selves on Earth before the conditioning, or often, both), know who they need to BE in this life.
  • People who know who they need to BE in life, know what they need to DO in life.
  • People who know what they need to DO on a daily basis and in different stages of life, know what ACTIONS to take.
  • People who are ACTION-TAKERS are by definition, NOT STUCK, and find it hard to be stuck because they have so much TO DO. 

Get therapy if you need to, visit a healer, contact someone for help, find a spiritual mentor, get spiritual healing, or sit by yourself (you can contact me for help on all of the above) - do whatever you need to, to figure out who you are, first. The rest comes easily after that.


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