What Is "Energy Work"?

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Energy healing. Reiki healing. Lightwork. Lightworkers. Healers. Spiritual Healers. Psychics. Mediums. Healing energy. Universal energy. Universal healing.

These are the terms that come to mind, and are actually part of what people refer to, at least in spiritual circles, as "Energy Work". 

So What Is "Energy Work"?

Well, energy work is basically the using of energy; specifically Universal Energy, or let's just call it energy from other realms, or for those of you non-seekers, "Woo Woo Energy", to activate healing for others or for specific activations and purposes that require focused blasts of energy. I'll go more into depth on this in a series of serious educational articles on the subject as I myself am both a Reiki Master Healer and a priest.

However, in this post (and quote below), I wanted to address the spiritual ego that some lightworkers at their awakening stage may have (me included when I had my awakening a few years ago - it happens to all of us, it's only human) and remind them not to get carried away too far on a power trip or ego trip (both suck). 

To be honest, and I've said this a million times to myself and clients, we're all just atoms. Or maybe even other energy particles which humans call "atoms". We're all just energy vibrating away in(to) space. So... before that ego takes hold, remember that every human works with energy, just in different ways than you (or even similar). 

It's definitely nice to take pride in your work, I agree. However, thinking you are above others, isn't. Sure, you may have a larger spiritual mission here. But honestly... given the nature of energy... what is "larger"?

As comedian Kavin Jay would put it, "everybody calm down!" 


Everything is Energy Work.

Activating healing in others is energy work.
Being a financial planner is energy work.
Being an artist is energy work.
Running a company is energy work.
Sweeping the roads is energy work.


Everything is energy work because everything is made up of energy particles.

Do not be too quick to view your profession as higher or lower than anybody else’s. Everything and everyone is made up of the same stuff, just in different combinations. A school kid in science class could tell you that.

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