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Book Review: The Troubled Girls Of Dragomir Academy by Anne Ursu

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The Troubled Girls Of Dragomir Academy by Anne Ursu - Book Review Video

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The Troubled Girls Of Dragomir Academy by Anne Ursu
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Book Title & Author

Title: The Troubled Girls of Dragomir Academy
Author: Anne Ursu


Reviewer's Note

Anne Ursu has definitely brought some rather important real-world issues to the fore in this book, in a palatable way which makes you think deeply. While most of us read fantasy to escape mundane life, and she does take us there, she also brings a rather important issue which many men are guilty of (not me personally as I tend to be a spiritual life coach and a business owner, so for me, it's "whoever can get the job done best), and many women (and men) are fighting to eradicate slowly and steadily from society. 

Congrats Anne! 


Plot & Writing Style (Spoiler Alert)

The plot makes you keep thinking that something is coming at the end. It has to be, the way Anne has phrased certain sentences, thoughts, and feelings that the main character undergoes, and the fact that we know that a book of this nature has to have a climax of some sort (don't all novels in a sense?) 

I found her writing style to be a little introspective, the main character being the one doing the introspection, and maybe a little more than the other books I've been reading. Some people might prefer that but it was new for me. I believe that's what sets this book apart though, and leads you to build up a pent up reservoir of feeling and thought as the book progresses, and then lets it go at the end, which was what caused a rather gut-wrenching reaction during the climax which I explain in the video I made.

Characters & Development

Most of the characters in the story are Anne's classmates at the Academy in the title of the book, a few seniors at the school, some teachers and instructors, and a few characters from among the politicians or rulers of the land. 

Sufficient time is given to each character, for us to grasp their essence fully. I was even picturing them in my mind, and using people I know in real life as avatars for the descriptions. That could be that I'm an imaginative human, or that Anne did a very good job of descriptions, or both. 

Because much of the story revolves around human relationships and behaviour, the characters were developed in a deep and insightful way and I believe Anne really played with my emotions when presenting different sides of the same character. In other words, some of the main characters were shown to have an emotional range, which I found quite refreshing, as I usually read books about action and adventure where characters aren't necessarily developed deeply, and the focus is more on the story, or the "mystery", or the "solving" of a crime.


In summary, this book by Anne was a great introduction to her writing for me, and now needless to say, I'm going to read all of her books. This doesn't happen all the time, as there are some books and authors who you randomly pick up at a bookstore, and you do not buy another book again. However, as I live more and more spiritually and teach people these matters (check out the YouTube channel links below this article), I realise that my guides have got my back, and I do more and more of what's meant for me, and I end up picking books I know I am going to enjoy, or which are great lessons for me. 

It's a masterfully spun tale, with an overall depressive tone, but enough light to not make the reader want to give up on life. I also like that after the climax, she let things sit for a bit, and let things simmer down, whereas most other authors just end the book within a page or two after. 

The Troubled Girls Of Dragomir Academy by Anne Ursu
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