The Power Of Daily Routines? Highly Unnatural & Regimental. Try Inspiration Instead.

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So you probably heard that you need to do something daily if you want to be good at it. The truth is, yes, you have do something a lot if you want to be good at it. Sometimes multiple times a day if you want to be the world's best. 

However, if we are talking about aligning into our soul, our soul missions on Earth, pure divine love and full soul embodiment, then let me be so bold as to tell you that what you "do" on Earth doesn't need to have daily routines. 

Yes, your body's natural cycles follows the planets, the Sun, the weather and so on, and yes, some of those happen daily. 

However, if we are talking about real world things, which I suspect most of you reading are interested in, picture this. You set a routine to exercise 7 days a week. It looks good on paper, and your body looks good after 2 weeks of doing this. I should know, I've done it, have been a sports medallist in my younger years at National competitions and am even a certified personal trainer now. I've even created a body transformation course with my knowledge to help others. 

Here's the problem. After a week or two, your body will be exhausted. Human bodies don't work this way and recover this quickly from heavy weights, unless you are literally doing light stretching, sleeping, sitting around and slow walks while sipping water for the rest of the day, and no other jobs or tasks. Even then, it's a stretch. That's why you hear of bodybuilders getting injuries. 

If you're a day jobber, a freelancer, a coach, teacher or consultant and basically have another "main thing" other than this 7-day a week thing you're trying to implement, it's not in your best interests. Get this, your muscles are built while you're asleep. And I'd bet my bottom dollar it's the same for every pursuit in life. You come back stronger after recovery. I've had my music featured on MTV and VH1, so I know that it's the same in other pursuits as well. You have to take periods off, to recover and come back stronger.

The same thing happens in elite sports. There are "on" seasons and "off" seasons where training varies. The same in businesses, the same in families, and so on. You're not going to do something 7 days a week for the rest of your life that isn't linked to basic survival like sleeping, shitting or eating.

And yet... there are some who break this mould. 

"I've been doing something for 10 years now every single day Zephyr."
"Even Michael Phelps trained for 5 years straight without breaking."

That is true, but I'd like to implore you to steer away from that because of this simple concept which is:

If you're living in the highest love with yourself and you are fully balanced in mind, body & spirit (which is quite impossible in this 3D reality, I know, but it's something to aspire towards), then you are neither going to need to pursue something with that kind of intensity nor obsession. Michael Phelps did that because he WANTED to prove he was the best olympian in the world, thus far. Or, for some other personal reason inside him. 

I'm going to perhaps type something unpopular next, but I know in my soul, it is the truth. 

If you are living a life in line with the highest truths, light, peace and wisdom afforded to us from the other realms, then you know, that there is no need to compete, or to prove that you are the best in the world at something. 

If you insist on proving that... ask yourself, "What does that achieve?" Some momentary glory, perhaps. And then what? A good memory perhaps. And then what? What peace does your soul achieve knowing you have more money than anyone, more medals that anyone, and more accolades than others? 

It achieves nothing my brothers and sisters. Certainly not more love and peace on the planet. You are basically trying to overcome your fear of something. It is fine if you want to continue it, we're all human. 

Some may say that's a personal challenge to themselves and isn't for competition. Sure. Even then, what does growth in that particular direction do other than dumb down everything else in mind, body, spirit of yours?

"I want to plant 1 tree a day for a total of 365 X 20 years." 

Well, what about taking a day off every 6 days and planting 52 less trees so the rest of your life can flow better? Does the world really end or do humans or other species' existence really get affected for that matter?

If your body cries out with "Do I have to?", or if your soul says, "I really don't want to meet this person today", or if your mind says, "Those are all the strategic conversations I can have today without getting a headache", and you still push yourself to do any one of those activities, I guarantee you, that while you may have gained something in the 3D world, you've just lost a little of your sense of self. 

"But what if I feel inspired to do something morning and night, like Art for example? Or playing with numbers? Or sharing something I know?" 


There's a BIG difference between feeling the inspiration in your soul, and forcing unreasonable daily habits on yourself, although both might occur with a "daily" frequency. One will lead you to being a flame and fire and force that never goes out, and another... to someone sad, bitter, constipated, stressed out and generally not very bright and bubbly. 

So... who will you be? 

Hi there, Zephyr here. I hope you enjoyed reading the article.

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