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The Power Of Being You - 6 Ways That Being Authentic Boosts Your Life

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I've lived an interesting life to say the least and I've achieved quite a few things. The word society uses is "achieved", but the phrase I like to use is, "flowed through". What I'm most proud of however, is that I give myself permission to be myself, and the people around me know it and over time, have begun to value it. At first, this was scary, I'll be honest. When I first started being myself around 17, my lips would quiver asking for things I wanted to ask for, whether from my parents, superiors in the Army, or even friends.

However, over time, people realised that I seemed to be the happiest and most peaceful one in the bunch, and they started to treat my preferences differently and with respect. They started to honour them. At first though, those incidents would include accompanying statements like, "Ya he's weird so he's ordering this," at a group lunch or "he's anti-social so he's not coming to this party," when I declined invites to parties with people with undesirable health habits that I knew would tempt me to throw all my work on my health down the drain. Over a few years though, when they saw things getting accomplished, me largely not flinching where most others would in life, and me being the one in the group that kept his calm where most others would panic or be frantic about something, my choices started to draw admiration from them.

I've decided to compile some of the areas in my life that get a boost from being myself, and share them with you. I hope you are able to use them in your life, if you are not already doing so! Here's a summary.




Key Points:

1. Being you makes you really happy. Yes, it can go on all day.
Make choices as you go, throughout your day. For example, tea vs. coffee, buying a pink pen versus a blue one, or walking to the same place via one route versus another taking the one you prefer more.
2. Being you in your dressing everyday allows you to avoid decision fatigue and use creativity elsewhere.
Having only a few outfits to choose from which are uniquely you, frees up your creativity and mind to spend energy on other things. In fact, if you can wear the same outfit every day in different colours, even better. Then all you have to pick for the day are the colour combinations. If you're like me, even that might irritate you, so keep one colour for tops and one for bottoms, and treat it like your "uniform" as you go about your life's mission. If you work in fashion or are a fashionista, then you might do this a lot more creatively than me, and decide to spend more time on it. As long as it resonates with you, you're on the right track.
3. Being you & honest about your appearance, keeps your energy reserves up and focussed on the day.
Work on appearing presentable and pleasant. Other than that though, obsessing over your body shape, hairline, face appearance and so on, is taking energy away from your main work. When I say obsessing, I mean staring at it for minutes on end, thinking of what cosmetics to buy, or what surgeries to go for. You were born into this body for your soul purpose. Spend time on the soul purpose rather than modifying the body. That said, all things are divine so do what feels good.
4. Being you & honouring your preferences for working hours will help you prevent burnout, to listen to your soul & to make time for things you love.
Be honest with yourself about how long you want to work each day. There are no right or wrong answers here, pick the working hours and career that you (would) love (or are willing to put up with), so you're happy, and so you have time after work, for more things that you love. Basically the idea here is to love everything you do and be at peace with it. 
5. Being you & honest about your offerings and what they are will enable you to organise your online business content and branding effectively.
You can actually structure your business or career around what you want to offer, right down to the daily work it takes to offer that. For example, making 7 figures a year may sound good to you until you actually examine how many sales calls or messages you need to make or send out a day. Next you might examine the type of service delivery you need to do as well and you might realise, "Hang on, I'm not a sales call type of person at all!!!" So then you might ditch that idea, or create the same type of product with a different type of marketing and delivery, or you would hire someone to do the sales perhaps instead of trying to do it all yourself. Be honest with yourself about your preferences of what you want to do each day. Don't lie, or you'll find yourself crashing and burning soon. The "I'll do this so I can have that" mentality is a sure-fire way of not being in tune with your soul all day, or even at all. In fact, most extremely peaceful and happy people will tell you that the work itself is the outcome. They're not doing it so they can achieve something else.
6. Being you leads to a unique, inimitable career and a legacy.

It is really hard to succeed in copying another person, because if they're doing something genuine to them, you'll be missing the key ingredient in keeping that act up: them. You're you, not them. Sure, improve, upskill, uplevel and yada yada yada. However, if what you're doing doesn't agree with your core or your soul, you're not going to be just fighting an uphill battle. You're going to be fighting an impossible one that will not come to fruition. 

Your soul will protect you against things you're not meant to be doing. - Miro Heyink


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