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Sleep Tip 1 - Put Your Phone Away One Hour Before Bed

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Sleep Tip 1 - Put Your Phone Away One Hour Before Bed

To get a good night's sleep, I highly recommend at least an hour of device-free time before you reach your bed. I've been experimenting with this in various ways for over a year now, and the verdict, at least from me (and for me) and ALL the holistic health experts I've met, spoken to or heard from (and that's saying a lot given my network and reach) is that sleep (and even life), just gets better without devices. 

Yes, that can be alarming, given the world we operate in. It is what it is. Humans, even in this area, like so many others, have seen a departure from nature. Our eyes weren't built to look at bright sources of light continuously, especially a foot or less from our faces and even more so after the sun goes down. 

For those who want to argue on that (I have no clue why you would do that except defending the laziness to change your ways... and believe me I know all about that, I'm human too LOL), I would say this. Take a walk outside at night, and check if there are bright, big sources of light which nature insists on shoving in front of your face.

No, there aren't? Good. Now you know what nature intended. :) Yes, it IS THAT simple.


What are the health benefits and good feelings you feel when you put your phone away an hour before bed?

Here are those that I've found:

  1. Your eyes don't feel heavy the next morning.
  2. Your eyes become healthier and less red.
  3. Your neck and posture becomes better, because that's possibly 1 less hour of looking down daily, depending on what you do with that free hour.
  4. Your mind is clearer before bed, during sleep, and after you wake up.
  5. You get to actually enjoy an activity before bed that isn't necessarily stress related like a story book, a card game, meditation, gazing at the stars, talking with someone in person (hopefully a peaceful conversation), sex, massages, singing alone or with someone else.
  6. You get a break from work, because let's face it, most people have their work and responsibilities linked to their phones in the form of email notifications, event reminders, etc. So the actual duration of time you're off from work from the end of one work day to the start of the next is increased by an hour. If you're wondering how much difference can make, obviously the answer would be... TRY IT AND SEE!!! If you need something more mathematical though, how's this... 365 hours of extra vacation a year. Yup. That's 15 days LOL. 

So, once again, remember to put your phone and devices away at least one hour before bed.

Hopefully I've managed to convince you in this short article. In the end, I've found that the responsibility to take care of our own health is ours, nobody else's.

Love ❀️
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Full Transcript For "Sleep Tip 1 - Put Your Phone Away Before Bed"

Note: Zephyr is spontaneous and highly unscripted for most videos and podcast episodes. Zephyr has been a teacher since 2009, and uses a casual, frank and down-to-earth style when explaining concepts. He is also clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient and claircognizant and channels guidance for everyone as it comes through while recording these video and audio episodes.

Hey guys this is Zephyr for Three Part Human and for today's habit, I want to talk about learning how to put away devices before you go to bed, at least an hour before bed. So this channel is all about Mind, Body, Spirit in case you're not aware and it's your first time here. So today I was deciding to sleep by midnight so I have put away devices except this phone to shoot this, and then I'm done. And I've got a book with me in bed. I'm just too exhausted to do anything outside of bed. It's called “Nothing In This Book Is True But That's Exactly How Things Are”. It's a spirituality book. We also will be covering spirituality on this channel most likely - mind, body, spirit. Otherwise I might be keeping it to health and health habits. That remains to be seen. I just wanted to drop that reminder to you guys and um yeah, have a good day and then night ahead wherever in the world you guys are. Thanks so much, take care and bye bye.

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