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Only Your Soul Can Tell You If It Feels "Right".

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Picture of man ascending into a different realm, following his soul.

Does What You're Doing Feel "Right"?


Over the last 8 years, I've been back and forth a lot on all my life pursuits. Introspecting, challenging my past mental constructs, and really challenging everyone around me too. (politely - much more politely now that I'm back to my balanced self, but believe me when you spiritually awaken it feels like you're at war with the world, and your interactions become so too, and that can go on for a whole year or more.)

If you often stop and ask yourself, "Is this what I SHOULD be doing?", then this article is for you. I've put the word "SHOULD" in capital letters because there is no such thing. It doesn't exist. A SHOULD, without a goal, is just an arbitrary standard created by another human for their own life. Not yours. Oh my god, those sentences themselves will be a game changer for some of you. *chuckles* (... and some of you will be in denial... "If she killed my family members then I SHOULD Hang her. Of course there are SHOULDs!") 

Back to the main topic. In day to day life, I've found that I often stop and analyse my next steps based on what my mind thinks and what those action steps will get me. For example:

  • Will it get me this job?
  • Will it get me promoted?
  • Will my daughter feel happy when she sees this?
  • Will my parents be ok if I do that?
  • Will all my clients and other people think I'm a fraud (although I'm not)? - this one comes up often when we change paths often.
  • Will it earn me the 5-figures I need to pay the family's bills or not? 


Many of us are operating on guidelines we think are correct, but then we end up with unhappy situations, again and again.

Now this, is a problem. It is a problem because we are living in a way of how to "acquire" things outside of us. ... and... the repeated unhappy situations are a clue but we humans... we have a way of not listening to ourselves.

"Well... acquiring things is amazing right? Why is that a problem?" 

It is a problem, because while trying to acquire these, most of us stamp our own inner voices out, and allow the voices of others (and the guidelines on how to "get" things) to become HUGE!!! 

You abandon yourself, based on the guidelines of others. 

"Of course we do that Zephyr, because if we keep listening ourselves, we'd never get anything done and we'd just lie on the beach and look at the waves." 

To that I would say this. If humans are so smart that they can build such advanced technologies (with outside help, *ahem*), then don't you think humans are capable enough to build a life and planet where all of us get to lie on the beach and look at the waves for some parts of the day? No? 

Well, all the other "less intelligent" species have done that. Many animals just sit, and gaze. For large parts of their day. 

I'll let you ponder if humans are intelligent enough to create that type of life for all of us.

Only Your Soul Can Tell You If It's "Right"


When you listen to your Soul though, the feeling is completely different. In fact, first of all, it becomes a feeling, and not thinking. 

So many of us are out of touch with our bodies and feelings. We've been trained to IGNORE our feelings. Oh dear. πŸ˜‚ Imagine telling a Snake to ignore the vibrations they feel on the ground or telling a Shark to ignore what they're smelling in the water. That would be suicide. 

And yet here we are, committing silent suicides daily. And then we wonder why diseases are at an all time high, stress levels are at an all time high, suicides are at an all time high, violence is at an all time high... and the planet is in turmoil all the time. 

The funny thing is, after reading this article, some of you will still go back to wondering why all these problems are happening... instead of acknowledging where we are going astray from the path of nature and listening to ourselves. I digress. 

In every moment of decision making or forward movement and growth, tune in to your body for a few seconds and ask yourself, "How do I FEEL about this?" Keywords: "I" and "Feel". That will bring you back to where you are in your journey, and allow you to respond from that place instead of having a thousand battling voices in your head which aren't your own. 

And... it's completely fine if you come back 3 months later or 3 years later and tell yourself, "Actually there was a better decision to be made at that point." That ITSELF, is a lesson you needed to learn at THAT stage of your journey. Without the lesson, you wouldn't be wiser. It would have been guess work, based on guidelines from others. Which then means, you aren't actually wiser, you just guessed right. And sooner or later when you'd be confronted with the next decision to be made where you actually needed to be wise, you could have guessed wrong, and then blamed... the weather (πŸ˜‚ I love it when humans do that), the politicians, the person who advised you, your parents, your teachers, your children, your spouse and all the other voices you listened to, except your own. 

This pattern will continue in your life... until, you start to listen to your Soul, fully own every decision, and live in the resulting bliss that follows (yes even when you make the "wrong" decision... to which you will look back and smile and laugh and acknowledge your growth as it happens, while you are smiling and laughing).

I love you.

Love ❀️
Three Part Human

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