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It Takes More Than A Tiara & Makeup To Be An Elf

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Choosing a healthier lifestyle and changing for the better.

This post is for those of you who are seeking to uplevel your life, are interested in spirituality, are on the edges of an awakening, have already begun your awakening journeys, or are wondering what in God's name a "spiritual awakening" is (that last one is not the exact topic of this one, but read on, it'll help.) 

This quote came to me last night, as most of my divine channellings do. 

"Elves aren’t elves because they act like Orcs. They are Elves because they BEHAVE like Elves. Behaviour comes down to choices, and choices come down to identity. You cannot indulge in lower vibrational acts constantly, and be an Elf. You cannot eat processed meat, animal fats, drink alcohol, not exercise, sleep late and call yourself healthy. That would be straight up ignorant." 

I have yet to post the quote graphic to my Instagram account, but here's an elaboration first which I felt called to write.

Now for those of you wondering what Elves and Orcs are, and aren't into the fantasy (but really, inter-dimensional reality) genre in books and movies, Elves are a race of beings which are usually tall, elegant, slender/fit, skilled at weapon-wielding, intelligent and magical beings that are well, pretty damn elite to say the least. 

Orcs on the other hand, are low-vibrational, usually "ugly", stout, ungainly creatures that are usually the "bad guys" in such genres. For all my fantasy folk, I'm generalising, I know, but this blog post is to awaken people so I have to keep it simple.

There are many of us who have begun our self-development journeys and those of who are veterans at this stuff. Along the way, we do fashion ourselves to be characters in films and mythology sometimes, whether it's a film we're watching, a book we're reading, some cosplay outfit, if it's Halloween, or whatever the case may be. 

I've always looked upon Elves as the elite race of humanoids in the Fantasy realm of things. They're the perfect combination of mind, body and spirit. I would have said Wizards (like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings), but I imagine Wizards have back pain at some point (just me being humorous but I do really imagine they're probably not as fit as Elves). Whether they're using certain magical and healing powers, whether they're at war with their longbows and swords, or whether they're planning certain strategies on how to achieve something, Elves are always on top of their mind, body and spirit pursuits. Not to mention they're very well connected to Mother Earth. 

What I would like to share is that to be a true Elf, takes a lot more work than dressing up as one, or imagining yourself as one. It's often I would hear friends say, "I'm Legolas!", embodying the spirit of that warrior elf from the Lord of the Rings. However, my coaching and truth-seeking brain always has an inner voice that says... "Mmm... not quite." Especially when the person in question has put on a cape, and a bow, but they indulge in activities like sleeping late, consuming excess sugar and/or meat and/or alcohol and/or drugs and/or not sharpening their minds, bodies and spirits regularly... you get the picture. 

The truth of the matter, is that while we may envision ourselves as well-chiselled, gorgeous, elite and distinguished individuals (which is amazing because everything starts with a dream and I think this is a good idea), we must consider, and then implement the work and habits it takes to actually get there if we want to make those dreams a reality. 

Of course, pick dreams where you will enjoy the journey of getting there, because there is no point hating every step of the climb to your amazing, imagined (and imagined to be amazing) reality, if you hate the process. Imagine hating the entire process, winding up there, and then realising "Hey hang on, this goal isn't bringing me as much bliss as I thought it would." What a waste that would be. 

Some of you at this point are wondering... "what does he mean by "activities like sleeping late, consuming excess sugar and/or meat and/or alcohol and/or drugs and/or not sharpening their minds, bodies and spirits regularly" are not making me elite? I earn a good salary, all my bills are paid, people respect me on LinkedIn and my kids are smiling. What more could I possibly do to be "elite"?"

Well... that's where the heading of this blog post comes in. Just because you put on makeup and a tiara, or the male equivalent like some form of Gold jewellery, or something in between, or whatever you fancy, doesn't necessarily mean you BECOME the expanded state or your vision. (It can help with manifestation though, sure.) Those are just external objects and... "labels"/"status symbols" if you will, which give you that perceived reality. Both the perceptions of others, and your own perceptions of yourself. 

Reality however, runs much deeper. If you're wearing the outfit of let's say an Elf Warrior Princess in a certain film, and you die at 45 of lung cancer because of smoking too much... then... were you really an Elf Warrior Princess? What self-respecting elite warrior would indulge in behaviours like that? Or die of lung cancer at 45? Clearly one who has lost their way (whether or not it was their "fault" is a whole other topic for another YouTube video). Now some of you may say, "Yeah, but isn't spirituality and life success about being who you want?"

Yes. It is. However, this blog post assumes there is a certain standard you are aspiring towards. If you aren't, or you are already meeting your desired standards, and that's to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes or eat meat at every meal, great. Congratulations. No judgement there. For real.

However, for those of us who aspire to higher vibrations, we would do well to note, that there is no way you are going to intake negative (or low vibrations) in the form of who you have sex with, your diet, your consumption of media, your habits, your behaviours, the people you surround yourself with, and be a high-vibing creature. IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY. ENERGY DOES NOT LIE. If you'd like to re-invent (or find a way to alter) energy and the Universe, be my guest (I'm not necessarily being sarcastic, anything is possible and I truly believe that). Till then, there are certain ways that things work. You put your hand into a wild Shark's mouth, it'll get bitten off. And so on...

If you want to climb, cleanse, elevate, rejuvenate, thrive... and you know in your heart that something has to change, or that many things do... then you might realise that your actions are out of line with your goals. Or... that perhaps you need some new goals. Whatever you're inspired to do. Your inner voice will tell you.

Like all my channeled ideas, quotes and visions, this advice is as much a reminder for me as it is for my audience. My intention (or Divine Energy's intention), is that we grow and learn together and create a happier world together. 

Let's keep each other in check and motivated towards our goals and our most whole and fulfilled lives.

Love ❀️
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