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Haven't Slept In Almost 48 Hours - Flew To Canada For A Holiday

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It's been a wild few days.

Picture this.

It's 5th July 2024, 5pm, in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, and I'm just about to sleep after not sleeping in over 48 hours. That's 8am in Singapore on 6th July 2024.

We just took a flight there from the Vancouver airport on a smallish propeller plane, after landing there (in Vancouver) from the Singapore airport after a 15-hour flight. This is the new long-haul flight, AC 20 from Singapore To Vancouver, operated by Air Canada, I believe in collaboration with Singapore Airlines or Singapore Changi Airport (I saw a photo with officials from both airlines/airports somewhere online).

Our flight from Singapore took off on 4th July 2024 at 930am. After travelling and all's said and done and we can go to bed... that's a journey from 930am on 4th July SG time to 8am on 5th July SG time.

That's almost a full 24-hours that I haven't slept (and we also have a 5-year old)... but then there's another thing. I also didn't sleep the night before the flight as I was settling some documentation. LOL. 

I woke up at 1230pm the previous day. So that's 1230pm on 3rd July SG time, to 1230pm on 4th July SG time, (while we're in mid-air), to 1230pm on 5th July SG time (which would be 930pm on 4th July Canadian time). But I slept 4.5 hours earlier at 5pm Canadian time. So I hadn't slept in 43.5 hours. 

As we go through the airports in Canada, me entire face is red (from a little acne and redness from the last few days/nights of packing and getting documents in order). Also, my eyes are a bloodshot red. 

Add to that the "carry me" and "may I have this" requests from my daughter and I've been through a solid obstacle course with no breaks. Also know that I'm not just resting on the plane. I'm vlogging, speaking to air-hostesses about the meals and the technicalities of the menu and scheduling (we didn't get the meals we wanted but it was a pleasant experience in the end - more on that later in a review of the new Singapore - Canada flight).

I hit the bed at 5pm, and I'm out.

Fast forward to now. At the present time while typing this, it's 1:17am in Kelowna. My daughter woke me up at midnight asking "can I play?" and "can I go outside?" in a completely dark room, and my wife and I are both stirring (they had joined me in the room to rest at about 6pm (they slept quite a bit on the flight). I decided since I had gone to sleep first, I'll help out and let my wife rest. So I take her around the ground floor of the house from the toilet to us both getting some nutrition in. It's 3pm in Singapore currently so we're kind of awake. 

We've had raisins, banana, a lot of water, and now we're having a concoction of Vitamins B, C, and so on, through effervescent tablets.

We'll probably head back to bed for now, so we don't disturb the friends we're staying with, and so that we can adjust to the Canadian timing too for this 10-day holiday! 

Here's a picture from their bedroom right before I went to sleep. It is very serene here at night, and something I'm not used to - that Western vibe of driveways, the phrase "the next plot of land in conversations", and the mountains in the distance. Let me see if I can get some shots of the night as well. Meanwhile this was a shot at 5pm.



* This article / post was not written by A.I. in any way. I do not use A.I. for the writing on my blog.





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