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Alternative Ways To Survive A Disease

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It's been a crazy couple of years to say the least.


Things in some countries are moving faster than they can be stopped, many countries are facing their second or third waves (or 4th? Sorry I've lost count) of the virus, and countries like Singapore are going back to a mode with heightened restrictions (for the umpteenth time) on group activities. Emotions are all over the place, for many. I was even removed from a Whatsapp group for sharing info that another friend was forwarding on to me, that spoke about alternate theories about the virus, its cure, and so on. I even left some in anger of people claiming that posts about litterbugs were more important than a worldwide health emergency). Then apologies have come in to my inbox stating it was a mistake. Needless to say, my heart goes out to people who are feeling these emotions, and also to the people facing these realities on a daily basis. In the middle of all this, Gaza is under attack, a family found me on Facebook and has started asking for donations to help their situation.


I also just spoke to a childhood friend who is now a doctor in the UK, and questioned him rigorously for 30 minutes on what he actually knows first hand about the disease and its cure. I learned a lot of things from him, which some conspiracy theorists would do well to listen to. I also learned however, that there are many unknowns at this point, making many conspiracy theories, possible. I doubt we'll ever know. At the risk of sounding vague, the common man really has no way of knowing what is going on on the planet currently. If you're a common person like me, I hope this article provides you some solace and direction.


I think if I wasn't as aligned as I am (or am trying to be), I would probably be jumping off a cliff at this moment. This is not the world I want my daughter to grow up in. Thankfully, I have spent years, aligning and re-aligning my mind, body and spirit, through my own doing and with help I've sought out, where I can turn negative emotions on and off at the touch of a button. It's not been the case 100%, but somewhere around 80%. Recently though, it's gone up. These past 3 days has been some sort of a record, and that's what this post is about. Magic, miracles, and the cosmos. Sounds airy-fairy? It is. It isn't. It depends on your perspective and where you are in your own journey.


I had a session with my healer a few days ago. I've had a few healers and spiritual guides in the past, and will probably continue to, but this lady is special. She transcends many of the usual modalities and combines a tonne of experience and modalities into her toolkit, to help. In that session, we went through a counselling-based approach, sharing and talking, energy grid aligning, theta healing, hypnosis, childhood traumas and healing, chord removals and definitely some kundalini or chakra related energy work because boy, was my energy body spinning like crazy. I wouldn't know the name of all of what went on, as one of the guidelines given to me was to surrender. It also happens to be one of my lessons in this lifetime, which I'm having a strong third-eye hunch about. I did ask her about Covid-19, vaccines, drugs, masks and so on. Not so much on a world level, debunking theories and instructions from world authorities, or debunking conspiracy theories. I really have no interest in that. What I do have an interest in is my well-being. And sharing knowledge about well-being with everyone who wants it. That brings me joy. Here's what she said, in my words, or to my understanding.


"The virus or all viruses are basically sickness and disease, as far as humans are concerned. Sickness and disease are low vibrational states. If you are vibrating low, and are constantly thinking about sickness and disease, chances are, you'll get it, and if you're petrified, chances are, you'll suffer. If you keep your vibration high, this, or any other disease, won't really be able to touch you." She added, much to my humour, "Of course I'm not saying you should go lick a petri dish with a Covid-19 strain on it." Let me explain further for those of you to whom the above paragraph sounds like hogwash.


It's likely you're new to metaphysics, angels, spirituality, nature, spirits, faeries, magic, reiki, dragons, mythology, and so on... Not everything you experience in this lifetime is in the 3D realm. Even in the 3D realm, we do not know much. Just think about how little we know about the oceans. You can Google the percentage and shock yourself. It helps to understand things the following way, which is what I always share with my students.


We are all energy. Our flesh, blood, bones etc, break down into atoms. If you study physics, you know that atoms get pulled one way or another either as wholes, or we can consider the particles they're made up of to be moving. As such, everything is vibrating in this gigantic Universe of ours. Things of a similar vibration can often be found together. Some people call this gravity, some people call it attraction. Some get poetic and say, "Birds of a feather, flock together". You can even find this happening in everyday life. Let's get random for a minute. Let's say a classroom. You find similar types of people hanging out with similar types, if we are labelling people for the purposes of this exercise.


It's rare that you'll find someone who scores the top marks in class hanging out with someone who scores the lowest. Should they? Perhaps, but that's another topic for another blog post and YouTube video. The bottom line is that whichever way you want to look at it, like attracts like. Magnets hang out with magnets, or at least, they react to each other. Magnets don't hang out with Elephants. Yoga instructors don't really hang out with astronauts at work. Nurses do not hang out with oceanographers at work. And then... diseases, don't really hang around with healthy people. It's that simple. That's the 3D realm version.


The spiritual version, or what I like to call the metaphysical, or Universal version (yes that stuff that lets you know your friend is thinking of you, either because you think of them, or they were before you did, and then 2 minutes later you see your phone buzzing with their name on it), is that if your being is vibrating at another level than a particular virus or sickness (and this can be anything, not just Covid-19), it's unlikely that that sickness is going to come and ravage your entire system.


I mean, how often do you hear that someone completely healthy (No, even though you're smiling and emotionally balanced, if you look like a hippopotamus and are actually a human being, that isn't the proof of "completely healthy". No offence, just straight facts. Which you need to look at by the way, to improve your life. Results don't lie.), fit, happy, smiling, peaceful, balanced, successful, meditative and generous has a sickness and then dies from it? In my 34 year life in Singapore, I've heard of one such person, vaguely. It was in the newspaper and it was during a marathon. That just tells me he was physically fit (or trying to be)... I still have no clue about his emotional, mental and spiritual wellness, which if you are following this blog will tell you, would have had a massive impact on what went down that day.


Ok... so then... how do we vibrate so high that sicknesses and viruses do not touch us? Well... a lot of it was taught to us by our parents, schools, governments, societies and so on and if you have nice companies you work in, then them too as part of workshops and trainings. Of course, a lot of it also wasn't taught to us, and that is ok. In my personal opinion and understanding, everyone (including our parents, teachers and people in governments etc) is human and is on their own path. We cannot expect things from others or blame them for not rushing to our aid. It is our responsibility to secure what we like, for our lives, in our lifetimes. For example, the Singapore government (as this is where I live), has done so much, SO MUCH, to ensure that we CAN live healthy, if we choose to. From countless exercise spots and corners to gorgeous parks and park connectors, to good and/or healthy food, sanitisation of public spaces, fitness tests in schools, state-of-the-art gyms, and rather open access to the internet and so on, it is frankly DIFFICULT to be unhealthy in Singapore. That's just the government. There's also your parents, friends, the companies you work for, etc. That's the physical 3D bit. Then there's the emotional, mental and spiritual bits.


Emotional and mental therapy via counselling or other methods (yes, therapy is a healthy thing, and I highly recommend you get some some to remain or become healthy) is a good idea. Spiritual practices such as meditation, or getting in tune with the Cosmos via different activities are also good ideas. These could be as simple as taking a walk in nature and seeing what messages come through for you, or as complex as speaking with angels, guides, and even visiting your past lives through guided therapy from trained practitioners. Do note that these are delicate things, so work with someone you trust wholeheartedly. This is your life we are talking about.

I will be sharing more about my personal practices that I do for myself, practices I engage others for, and practices and services I provide for anyone maybe perhaps such as yourself, on my socials, website, course pages and YouTube channel, so stay tuned for those as they come up. Things appear in my life when they are supposed to based on my chosen path (and I pray the same happens to you). If we are meant to work together, we will find each other.

So, is that it? Take care of your health, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and you'll be fine during this pandemic? Isn't there a need for vaccines, masks, and other suggestions from professionals? Well, I'm a firm believer in how this Universe operates. It's science, and when I went to school in Singapore I was the top student often as I recall from around 9 to 12, including in science. As such, I believe in operating soundly as that's what I was taught when I was young. To start with, I will accelerate my own being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as far as I can manage it.


If the situation in my country gets so bad that I think I will die without a vaccine or others will die without me taking it, and it's proven that a particular vaccine works, I might take one. If not, and if I'm in the pink of health, I'd like to preserve that health, and it's my personal opinion for myself, that adding more unknown (to me) chemicals into my body, does not make me more healthy. It makes me less. Also, it might become compulsory at some point, perhaps for travel. As for masks, most governments already have guidelines regarding these, so please follow the law in your country (as that's where you've chosen to live - everything in life is a choice).


It is important to note that although we might be fully sound health wise, in all aspects, others around us might not be. IF wearing a mask helps to prevent the spread, even a little, I think that would be the responsible thing to do if we are around a lot of people generally or during our work days. If on the other hand you operate from your own room, or run a home based business or are in some village far, FAR away from the rest of humanity, I'd rather I breathe freely, if I were you. No part of my being agrees with something being slapped across my face.


However, as mentioned above, if you do live in a city or with other people, please be responsible. Do note also, that the methods outlined above to vibrate higher are not easy, although they are simple. Lots of inner work and the drive to do it is needed. It is a process, and might not happen overnight for you. So go to town on that over the next few years. Start now.


Do note, also, that being spiritual, or being in touch with your spirituality, does not mean empty prayers to a statue or a wall. That is NOT how this works, and that is NOT how you cope with or cure a virus. The people who think this is working, are the same people who later ask, "If God is real why is there so much bloodshed and so much unfairness in the world?" I would venture to say that God's messages are always about action, not sitting on our butts (unless meditating), to put it candidly. The best way to solidify your spirituality is through action. I will cover this topic further in other articles and videos. As such, I coined the quote below:

Be well my friends, and do not fear. Fear, by the way, turns your vibration low again. I will cover more about the various emotions and their vibrations soon. One of the ways I've dealt with fear, is to not watch the news for the past 20 years or so. People have commented saying I have a "dreamlike" life. Sure, not all news is negative, but that's just the way I cope with life and curate my own content and info that goes into my brain, and being. If you feel like trying that method as well, please do. Curate it if you must, as most news channels have an online presence too. Then watch your life change.


As always, if you have any questions or want to learn more about any topic, contact me on socials or via the email address on my website, and I will be happy to explain more and cover more in upcoming articles and videos. Be well my friends, my blessings to you all. Let us help each other, during this hard time on Earth.


Love ❀️
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