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The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself

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The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself

The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift you can give yourself, is the ability, choice, capability, permission, confidence, love and safety, to be yourself.

Whether this means you like to go to Africa, get on to the grass and roar like a Lion if you think you're one or whether you like to secretly write poems at night that no one will ever read. Whether you'd like to start training for the Olympics before and after work or whether you'd like to walk 3 miles a day carrying pails of clean water to thirsty children. Whether this means you'd like to release all those songs you've written and kept in your hard drive or whether you'd like to conquer the events space with your new events company. 

Whatever you feel in your soul needs to come out of you with joy, love, bliss, excitement, peace and/or service, do whatever is necessary to let that come out.

Let your human body be in servitude to your soul.

How To Give Yourself The Greatest Gift

Here are examples of methods I've used myself:

  1. Allowing music to come out of me at all times in any scenario. At weddings, funerals, in my room, in the lift, in the shower, at work in front of my boss, in class while teachers were teaching, listening to my Walkman/Discman secretly while class was in progress in the top school in Singapore.
  2. Getting a day job that I could tolerate to fund music videos and other creative pursuits I wanted to.
  3. Asking a family friend for funding so I could buy the gear I needed to do music production.
  4. Skipping class to meet my then girlfriend in parks (now my wife of 8 years).
  5. Taking the time and energy required to travel to locations and to learn from books to allow myself to exercise my entire body slowly and lovingly without time pressure or caring what anyone thought of slow 3 hour gym workouts.
  6. Paying for a premium website builder to allow myself to pen my writings on a Blog that looks good for the reading pleasure of the public. Check it out here. This post wasn't meant to be a marketing post, but this just came up, from my intuition, so I've typed it out. That might as well be my next point, actually. Here goes.
  7. Allowing myself to follow my intuition as often as possible, no matter how crazy it may seem to me or anyone else. LOL. 
  8. Teach kids drums to explore my fascination with the game of Poker (which wasn't cheap to explore in Singapore's Sands Casino).
  9. Allow myself to release any song I want(ed) to no matter whether it's up to par with the modern music industry or not and regardless of what other people think of it. That said, some of my stuff has been featured in places. Maybe my spirit guides know what they're doing eh? 

Here are examples I've seen others use:

  1. Be unafraid to say Yes or No to anything as it suits them.
  2. Using "Yes" or "No" as full sentences.
  3. Getting day jobs to pursue their passions after with full involvement, without the stress of needing those passions to "pay" or "fit into" any industry. Just pure, unfettered expression. (I've used this one too).

Here's what's popping into my intuition for both me, and you guys:

  1. Settling the earning money (which really actually means you're serving others in some way or the other, or you wouldn't get paid) bit cleanly and crisply (either through a job or business), during a certain part of the day, so the other part can be freed up to spend with our loved ones.
  2. Actually pursuing what you want to and letting it run its course in your life, no matter how dumb it may seem to anyone else, from playing Chess, to collecting hair pins of different colours, to trying to perfect a particular dish in the kitchen. With reckless abandon, outside the time of fulfilling your other responsibilities you have chosen. 
  3. Taking that day job if you need to, to stop being a burden on others.
  4. Waking up at 5am to work on your business, or after your job, or perhaps full-time if it works well that way for you in life. 
  5. Using the "parent self" of you versus the "child self" to actually do real world things, which can then let your inner child come out and play safely and protectedly in ways that are healthy for you, IN and/or OUTSIDE your method of survival on this planet. 
  6. Asking yourself what you were put on this planet to actually do, survival aside. 


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