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  • People who are feeling controlled and feel they are not following a path authentic to them
  • People who are feeling stuck
  • People who want to live the life of their dreams
  • People who want to express their talents and divine gifts
  • Parents who want to give their teens a boost in life (this stuff is magical)

Here's How To:

  • Identify who you are, what you want and your unique gifts
  • Express yourself genuinely
  • Set goals and achieve them (yes actually achieve them)
  • Achieve sensational success at your dreams
  • Live an authentic life full of success, satisfaction and fulfilment
  • Feel blissed out and passionate all day long

I always believed people should be treated fairly and that we can all succeed in our own unique ways. 


... but I saw the writing on the wall and it said, "Creative children who like to daydream, tell and read stories, play in the trees and plants rather than the soccer field, are of a different skin colour from an immigrant family with different accents from the majority, WILL NEVER MAKE IT."

It started in my 1st year in Primary School in Singapore. I was 7. 

I saw signs everywhere and realised that the system was not set up for me, to win. 

Well, I wasn't about to just take that and live with it. I decided to prove everyone wrong and re-create myself from scratch, AUTHENTICALLY. It took me 2 years to figure out, but I landed up as "1st in Standard" in my school by 9. That's among over 100 children. 

I was always the small, "weird" kid, who was not as athletic as the other kids, and always drawn to nature and animals rather than running around playing with toy guns, sports or trying to be "stellar". 

I had to claw (gently) for everything I got and my mother taught me how to be successful (and she gave me some tips which I now teach; but I've let go of the "hard work" and now I do what I call Authentic Work). However there were things my parents also did, for seemingly no fault of theirs, which shaped me. 

In primary 6, a couple of friends (who taught me the game) and I actually founded Cricket as a national level sport for our age group, as it didn't exist previously in the country for this age group.  When I went home to tell my parents the good news about us starting a sport and that I was joining the team, they refused to allow me to play, citing a board exam at the end of the year, the PSLE, as the reason. Towards the end of the year, one of the other two friends became Cricket Captain and I sat in the stands with his mother and watched him win the final match.

To make things even more bitter, he scored the exact same as me in the board exam my parents kept saying I needed to study for, making my parents' worries about sports interfering with studies, unfounded.

A brilliant exercise for me to build trust and belief in my parents' words and society. Not. 

I was already depressed and broken at 12 because:

  • I was not allowed to do what I liked to do in many instances (and the story above is just ONE example)
  • I had my trust broken - my Mom claimed my Dad would buy me a particular toy after studying hard for 6 months and if I got 100 in Maths at the year-end exam, which I did and at the end of the year, he did not buy it claiming it was a "stupid toy and a waste of money" - right when I turned 8
    • Imagine the effect of that on a child's psychology, that the person he turned to for safety and protection... were liars.
  • I had all my preferences and opinions labeled as "wrong", each time I wanted to do something which I enjoyed, but which were not necessarily in line with my parents' plans of me "making it in Singapore".

Although through some of my mom's coaching and systems I was the 1st in standard, my parents gave me the idea that "parents knew best", ALWAYS. Which... now as a parent, and a conscious human I know, simply is not true. (And I had an inkling then as well).

Sure, those were just their fears (and hopes for a better life for me) taking hold (I know that now as an adult), but it still hurt as a child, and traumatised me to the point that both my friends and I were wondering what was wrong with me. 

"Just study hard until the Grade 3 final exam (where they stream us based on merit in Singapore) and then you can do whatever you want." - Each time I protested at not being able to play outside or do what other kids were doing. 

"Just study hard until the Grade 6 board exam, get into a very good Secondary School (Grades 7-10) and then you can do whatever you want." - And this went on for years each time I asked why I couldn't get the toys I wanted, or go out with friends for outings or stayovers, or play trading card games I enjoyed.

My Dad actually made a BIG FACE when I told my friends who were invited to my 11th birthday party to get me trading cards and they did! What should have been a moment of joy and me thanking my parents came with a SEVERE sense of guilt because of my Dad's reaction of "how useless the cards were". ON MY BIRTHDAY! Yes. Imagine that.

I was dumbfounded at the conditioning running through some parts of society that had clearly rubbed off on my parents, and how weird this society was... in general. 

Also, a lightworker on Earth rarely feels at home here, but more on that later.

Not only was being in the top school and
obeying my parents' wishes hard and unnatural,
the kids in school were BULLIES.


By the end of Primary School (Grade 6), I had gained admission to the top boys school in Singapore, Raffles Institution, which I was told was "the right school to get into" for the last 3 years by supportive family friends (of my parents' generation). I thought my dreams had come true, until the first few classes, tests and sports matches in my new school. I looked around and realised, I was right at the bottom of the class.

In the hockey team, I was worse than a reserve or substitute player.

I was the waterboy. I literally had to fill water for my "friends" who would come drink it during the half-time whistle of inter-school matches. I had never experienced humiliation at this level, to date. Imagine going from being called "the smartest kid in school" in my Primary School... to this. It almost broke me mentally. Was this even allowed? Or was this a form of abuse that the rest of the school didn't know about? I guess we'll never know.

When I did succeed (at my "dreams" from primary school and "making it" by going to the "best" school in Singapore), I realised it wasn't what I expected. 

There was bullying, racism, ostracizing, pantsing (where people gang up on you and take off your pants), name-calling and backstabbing.

To add to that, my parents wouldn't even allow me to go for as many trainings as my peers and that made it harder for me to stay on the team.

People have asked, "Well why did you listen to your parents then if what they were saying made no sense for you?"

Because... what else was I going to do as a 12 year old in Singapore in an Asian society with Indian-born (and raised) parents and conditioning? (We're actually Persian (think Freddy Mercury), by race) Fight them, walk out and get a job at MacDonald's?

Also, it is very normal for kids to seek the approval of their parents. Most world-famous comedians with Asian parents cover this in their sets (just switch on Netflix and you'll see.)

You might have people in your life you listened to which messed up your life as well.

No matter how badly their decisions and guidance affect us, we still do things their way to claw for their approval.

Meanwhile... I faced backlash and ostracising as my team-mates thought I was the one who wasn't committed to the team. 


Same with remaining in the same sport as we were told CONSTANTLY that we needed an "all rounder" record in Secondary School to get into a good Junior College (grades 11-12). I stayed put, in multiple toxic environments.

To top it all off, we had a coach with a bellowing voice who came to training with an angry face and a bad attitude under the burning hot Singapore sun from 3pm to 6pm.

It was UNINSPIRING to say the LEAST!!!!!

No one was listening to me. I had no one to turn to. I was alone.


I actually fainted on the hockey pitch once. I remember that the sky was spinning and even as I fell, I heard, "I WANT WARRIORS ON MY TEAM, NOT FAGGOTS!" as some team members tried to help me. They walked away after the coach shouted.

That was our coach, at the "top" school in Singapore, screaming at me for having a medical condition, instead of calling for medical help. Go fucking figure.

I continued to vomit at a drain some distance away and cry while training continued without anyone helping, until I was found by someone (from Rugby, and taken home in his chaffeur-driven car). In my mind I thought, "Thank god humans exist at this elitist showpiece of a building."

I had extra classes for French, Hindi (because my parents insisted I had to study the language of the country they grew up in) and Hockey Trainings all after regular school (including classes on Sundays). I was overloaded. I cried, screamed, yelled, pouted, skipped trainings and asked my peers and parents for support. No one was listening. Every morning, it literally seemed like I was going to war and I was depressed. Wasn't school supposed to be fun, joyful and actually make us learn things?

I didn't understand half the things they were saying sometimes, as the curriculum at this school was quite far ahead of other schools. I was also really slow at literature, because honestly, after this kind of schedule and unleashing what seemed like hell on a 13-year old, they expected us to read storybooks? Where was the time or mood?

I was racially outcasted.


In this all boys school, the Chinese boys never really hung out with me as they could not figure out my race. They looked at me funny like, "what race ARE you?" "Where are you from?" "Are you like a White Indian?"

The Indian boys didn't really consider me Indian, although my parents grew up in India. One Indian friend actually said (referring to my fair skin) "You look like a Chinese guy... go hang out with the Chinese," before the group started sniggering.

Turns out... I'm actually Persian and was born into Zoroastrianism. Think Freddy Mercury from Queen. I'm now deep into spirituality though, not religion.

At around 15 (2002), I began to see people developing their own identities (and rebel in their own teenage ways), and I heard about leaders worldwide.


It was one day in that 3rd year that I realised, that something had to change. Something about this system was weird, and it definitely did not agree with what my soul wanted and how I wanted to express myself in this world. Was this what my legacy was going to be? Bullied, ostracised and my parents at home wondering why I wasn't doing well when all I heard most days were fights about "There is no money!!!" - No surprises there about me not doing well. Energy permeates everything!

I was going on 15. My third year in this school. I had to get back to myself and my soul and play the game I knew how to play and was true to my soul, not the game everyone else was trying to make me play. Just like when I aimed for the 1st in Standard position in Primary School and nailed it.

An unshakeable force was guiding me once I decided what I wanted to do, and pulling me almost!

Now maybe you too have thought about being authentic in all areas of your life, having loving relationships, excelling at your goals and visions, finding out exactly what you're on Earth for and who you want to serve and help (through business or charity) and to be able to forgive yourself, love yourself and move forward confidently and happily.

But the reality of it is a lot more daunting and there’s just too much information out there (much of it conflicting) that it makes you want to throw your hands up and give up.

It’s much easier to just keep doing what you’re doing, working your 9-5, living your life the best you can, and asking other people in the same boat as you "what's possible" and "what isn't", agreeing on it in a classic case of the blind leading the blind, and moving on... in 30 day cycles.

I’m here to tell you that it’s not your fault. You've been programmed to be that way.

Success as it's sold "out there" is a myth.
*Bring Popcorn*


Here’s the general premise:

Step 1: Be teachable and coachable in relationships and at work because the most successful people keep learning (learning is never a bad idea but not from the people who are trying to control you and exert their will on you!)

Step 2: Walk 10,000 steps a day, eat Brocolli (because if you don't follow cookie cutter advice, you're not "fit"!)

Step 3: Set SMART goals only and nothing too "out there". (because god forbid you should set something sensational and achieve it yourself and prove their systems wrong!)

Step 4: Be nice to everyone you meet regardless of what they do to you because that's just how benevolent humans behave.

Step 5: Accept everything that happens to you good or bad whether you like it or not (because everything happens for a reason!)

Step 6: Carefully second guess yourself on every single thing you like and find true joy in, and you cannot do only what you like (because we live in society and "What Will Others Think?")

Step 7: Even if you're physically exhausted, mentally drained and spiritually manipulated, suck it up like a champion (because only selfish people think about themselves!)

Step 8: Congratulations, you're a success by all of society's standards!!!

Step 9: You feel empty inside after all this success? You probably haven't done your meditation today. Meditate, so you can find "inner peace" and not be so "ungrateful" that everyone likes you for what you've become!

Step 10: Realise that what Michael Jordan, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Einstein, Jesus, Muhammad, Steve Jobs and anyone you look up to achieved was all due to "luck" and that it would be a fool's errand for you to even try. Accept that a combined household income of 30 grand, fit bodies, great sex, loving children and that bosses and family who's happy with you is all the success you'll ever need (and can get anyway)!

... give me a second to take a deep breath.


Just randomly following advice because it's trendy or being nice to everyone to "maintain the peace" and be a "responsible person" isn’t a strategy. There are billions of people doing the exact steps above each DAY! And they KNOW that something's not aligning inside them! But they shut their inner voices up! YOU CAN SEE THE STRESS, ANXIETY AND SADNESS ON THEIR FACES. JUST STEP OUT OF YOUR HOUSE AND WALK AROUND IN THE CITY WITH OPEN EYES!

Are you going to be NEXT?! Would you like to climb up right to the top of the ladder over 15 years and then realise you had it leaning against the wrong wall?!?!?!?! Because that's what Steps 1-10 above achieve!

And how do you know what kind of success to achieve and what kind of leader to be? How are you supposed to know if you will go to bed at night peaceful that you achieved this? How will you know it will feel "right" for you inside? 

And WHO are you actually going to become in the first place?

And how does it all happen automatically without other people telling you what to do like society has always been there at a moment's notice to get you "back in line"?

Look friend, success isn’t a magic trick. It’s a process. It takes work.

But it takes strategic and intuitive work - and when done properly, it takes less work than you think which yields powerful results.

"Is success really possible for me then?"


The answer is a resounding YES!

But the word “success” is misleading, as explained above.

Success in the way I’ve discovered it, doesn’t mean you slog and die trying to do what's told to you by society and the people around you.

It means you do a fixed amount of work (that you decide on) and earn disproportionate (i.e. sensational and scalable) results! REPEATEDLY! IN ANY AREA YOU PICK.

I think a better phrase than just "Success" or society's current favourite "Dream Life" is - Authentic Life Success - which is why I bought the domain and have it point to my website. I'm prepared to speak about this till the day I die, because it's REAL!

Authentic Life Success is VERY possible and in fact, over the past decade or so I’ve slowly and quietly built success which is authentic to me and systems which move me towards my goals each and every day, whether I’m working, or at the beach, or having dinner with my family, or even sleeping.

After that pivotal moment in 2002 as mentioned above, it took me just a few weeks to shrug off everyone's expectations, get in touch with my soul, and come back with renewed vigour and a success plan. 

I began to make strides in my grades and become a real player on the Hockey team who was considered for some matches for the first time in three years.

It all started to click again. I was starting to get known for my physical fitness, was a lot more fun to be around, starting to score competitively in classes and even attract members of the opposite sex from other schools. 

I started getting noticed nationally and even internationally in the coming years (as you'll see below). I even got the attention of my dream girl and now we're married with a daughter. All thanks to the little things I did day in and day out.

Take a look at some of my highlights since that pivotal year, 2002, to date, and the rest below that in point form:

Age 15 - 20

Won medals while in school and college in Singapore and The Singapore Army for Hockey, Soccer & Canoeing Competitions.

Age 21-22

Grew a team of Sales Reps from 2 - 30 in a company selling health products and luxury jewellery.

Age 23

Scored the highest grade in principal study in the first year of my BA (Hons) Music, after entering the college only knowing how to play 2-3 songs properly.

Age 24

Led a team of 5 to organise a 2-day multidisciplinary arts festival featuring 60 acts, while simultaneously attending classes for my full-time degree, AND playing in multiple bands.

Age 25

Diploma In Popular Music Performance graduation recital concert makes it to Singapore's National Daily, The Straits Times

Age 25

Won 2nd place in the Clash of the Bands competition, judged by Iskandar Ismail, student of the composer of Singapore's National Anthem.

Age 28

Founded the Facebook Group "Singapore Music", which now has over 6200 members and is the largest Facebook Group for Singaporean Music.

Age 28

First solo vocal single makes it to the national press in Singapore in multiple newspapers and blogs.

Age 29

Acted on "Tanglin", Singapore's longest running primetime TV drama at the time, for 5 months, with no prior formal acting training.

Age 30

MTV Asia & VH1 India play my 1st fully self-produced song 30 times in its release month, June 2017. Other regional publications featured it as well.

Age 33

Picked as one of the three featured inspiring stories by Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley, for the graduation ceremony of his signature course, Be Extraordinary.

Age 33

Launched first body transformation course, and made $6500 in a month from course sales and additional spiritual healing services.

Age 34

My track "Jungles (Dance Mix)" peaks at #22 in the world on Apple Music's playlist New Music Daily, in April 2022. 

Age 35

Featured in Britishpedia's Successful People In Singapore, 2022.

Age 36

Making USD 500 Commissions In My Sleep From Making Online Media Which I Love (Blogging & Vlogging)

... and here are some summaries...

Age 14 - Present

Acted on TV and Web Shows, advertisements and films for:

  • Mediacorp (Singapore's largest network) Channels 5, 8 and Vasantham
  • Director Eric Khoo (Zhao Wei Films)
  • HBO
  • Citibank, HP
  • Ministry of Education, Singapore
  • Many others

Age 21 - Present

Performed live over 120 times on drums and/or vocals to live and/or digital audiences of up to 100 million.

Age 25 - Present

Featured in the regional media, corporate and/or community events and talks for unique life choices and success perspectives.

Age 28 - Present

Music performances, releases, work and story featured by:

  • Music powerhouses Apple Music's New Music Daily, MTV Asia and VH1 India
  • Mainstream popular media outlets like The Straits Times (Singapore), Berita Harian (Singapore), Popular Journal (Myanmar), Coconuts (Yangon), TodayOnline.Com, ExpatChoice.Asia 
  • Radio stations like CNA 938 (Singapore), CityFM89 (Pakistan) and KWSS 93.9FM (USA)

Other Notable Achievements & Qualifications

  • Age 8 to 10 - 1st in Standard in School and 2nd at age 11.
  • Age 11 - Part of the founding team for Cricket as an official competitive sport at the primary school level in Singapore.
  • Age 13 - Gained admission to the top boys' school in Singapore, Raffles Institution
  • Age 13 - Ordained as a priest for the Zoroastrian faith
  • Age 14 - First TV acting experience on Singapore's Vasantham Central: 1 hour profile on race's origins and history.
  • Age 22 to 32: Taught drums to children, adults and the elderly with excellent reviews.
  • Age 25: Diploma In Popular Music Performance (Drum Kit)
  • Age 26: BA (Hons) Music
  • Age 28: Married my childhood sweetheart after dating for 11 years.
  • Age 30: Manifested the Head of Marketing role at a hot real estate startup in Singapore with no prior corporate experience.
  • Age 31: Manifested the Head of Marketing role at a popular nightlife chain in Singapore with 1 interview.
  • Age 32: Started giving back by teaching musicians how to become recording artists by teaching all aspects of the journey including music production and publishing.
  • Age 33: Certified Personal Trainer
  • Age 33: Featured Speaker on the 1st ever "Mindvalley Circles" Live Call
  • Age 34: Agile Thinking & Leadership: Foundation Level
  • Age 36: Certified Reiki Master Teacher (Level 3B)

Here's How These Principles Have Consistently Made Me Authentically Successful At Pursuits I Have Chosen


It was this unshakeable thread of success, creativity and freedom that ran through all my experiences that made me realise something.

Not everyone knows the tools to become the best human being they can be and live their most successful lives in all endeavours. This leads to unnecessary pain, stress and bitterness among many people. This breaks my heart to watch.

So now that I've figured out what sets me apart, HOW I am able to do anything I want that's uniquely me and do it better than most, I made a promise to myself: that I would do whatever I could to help out anyone who wants to identify themselves authentically ("be yourself"), express their gifts and achieve sensational success at their dreams.

So I started breaking down the "system" that I have been using to achieve excellence since I was 8, in sports and physical fitness, in the music and events industry, in spirituality and expression and most importantly, in living a balanced and fulfilled life.

And today, I'm excited to announce that the system is ready for release.

Introducing, "Expressing Your Gifts".

Finally, I have put back together the system I have worked on since I was 8, and then more and more aggressively in recent years and decided to let others benefit from all the research and development I've put into it from 8 to 36 (and it still improves as I weave through life).

I know that without the mentors, the access to the information that I have and my first hand experiences and analysis, and putting that back into my daily work and methods, I would never be able to accomplish what I did and continue to do, so one of my goals since 2012 (age 25), was to find a way to give back to others looking to live their dreams since I was living mine... the 1 thing that can help them reach their next goal... and ALL OF THEM!!!

Here's Exactly What You'll Discover
Inside "Expressing Your Gifts"

  1. The 1 most crucial piece of advice that changed my approach and results forever, so you can immediately level up your pursuits.
  2. The 11 secrets to a life specifically geared for success so you don't make the most common mistakes that 95% of the population makes and then calls other people's success "luck".
  3. My personal 3-step booster shot system that I use 300 out of 365 days while achieving everything you read above so you can have an unfair edge over all competition and obstacles.
  4. My methodology to achieve any goal so the path and steps needed to achieve your goal become clearer and clearer to you each day.
  5. How to stand out among the competition so you can get noticed by the "right" people based on what you accomplish.
  6. How to have the confidence of a champion who is laser focussed so you can meet challenges and people with ease.
  7. How to never have others' opinions, thoughts and perspectives distracting you ever again so you can remain authentic to what feels peaceful, blissful and exciting for you.

See what results my students have had...

Words From A Few Leaders

Vishen Lakhiani,
CEO, Mindvalley

"His story is really inspirational. He now has a mission, not a career."

Danny Loong,
CEO/Founder, Timbre Group

"This guy has passion."

Germaine Chow
Founder, I Quadrant

"What we can do is to always be compassionate, excite people, encourage people and help each other 'press on' and I really want to thank you Zephyr, for doing that for me."

Ajay Mohan
Ex-Marketing Director,
APAC & Japan, Intel

"This man has done more in 30 years than most people do in 3 lifetimes."

Iskandar Ismail,
Student of the Composer of Singapore's National Anthem.


John Sharpley
Composer, Performer, Teacher, Lecturer, Writer

"Mr. Khambatta is brilliant and visionary. Highly effective motivational and leadership abilities. Acute and articulate intelligence. Profound perceptive listening and analytical ability."

Harris Jahim
Academic Leader, Singapore

"Mr. Zephyr Khambatta is an artist that will forge his path with successes as a trailblazer."

Kevin Mathews,
Journalist, TodayOnline

"You have to admire the young man's self-confidence."

ShiGGA Shay,
Hip Hop Artist Who Has
Performed For Obama

"You're more efficient than my entire team."

Social Media Love

A few words from some Universal Healing clients as well...

This is where I work on emotional and physical traumas, chakras, speaking to guides,
and I receive psychic insights and tips for clients' situations and queries, using Reiki and other energies.


Here's Exactly What You're About To Get Your Hands On...

Module 1
Uncovering Yourself

The truths to living the authentic life of your dreams which most people don't know so you live your life and not somebody's else's, become unstuck & fully discover yourself.

Here's What I'll Show You

$6000 Value

  • The 1 tip that instantly put control of my life back into my own hands.
  • The 1 power which eveyone has but only the most successful use, daily.
  • The main things that separates champions from everyone else and had me achieving new things within months.

Module 2
Achieving Your True Desires

The secrets to becoming super successful at anything including things you're new at so you can accelerate into your authentic life success.

Here's What I'll Show You

$10,000 Value

  • My 2 secret methods to manifest anything, and no, it's not just about "believing it has happened".
  • 3 habits I learned in my childhood which have kept me doing my best work consistently (which took me to 1st in standard).
  • 11 secrets that the super successful use to be "miraculously" more productive than anyone else.
  • A philosophy which will make you unstoppable.

Module 3
Connecting To The Universe

Methods to supercharge your success with powers greater than you so you can use them and divine wisdom to live how your soul wants to.

Here's What I'll Show You

$7,000 Value

  • How to recognise divine intelligence speaking to you so you can supercharge your progress.
  • Different ways to use your intuition to give you golden ideas and opportunities.
  • How to use spiritual healing to heal yourself to enchance multiple areas of your life simultaneously. 

Module 4
Battling Outside Influences

Useful ways to remain authentic and overcome outside voices with ease and win so you can stay on track in all scenarios and for long periods.

Here's What I'll Show You

$9,000 Value

  • How to avoid the mistake that most people make, so you can always attract suitable people, opportunities and environments to you.
  • The method I personally use to identify who to partner with, who to work with and who to spend recreation time with.
  • 3 completely overlooked methods on how to spend more time doing things you love and excelling at them.

Module 5
Spreading Your Message

Techniques to spread your message so you can show up as your true, upgraded self everywhere and build your own brand.

Here's What I'll Show You

$7,000 Value

  • 1 key way the super successful stand out from the rest.
  • Powerful and focussed ways to leverage the power of the internet for your benefit.
  • The 3 methods that every successful person uses to reach their dream life faster, which most have not even considered.

Here's Why I Spent Over $20,000 Just So I Could Learn These Skills & Concepts...


Throughout High School, Junior College, the Singapore army, my working life before University, University and in the 11 years after that till date (but 15 years if we count the work I did while in University - and I did a lot), I invested more time and money than I care to count, on learning how to succeed at my various vocations and pursuits.

I have spent at least $20,000 not counting formal education fees on my success and improvement for 2 reasons.

  1. I knew a better life existed as some of my mentors and heroes were living it.
  2. I wanted to improve myself regardless of any external material pursuits because while I'm on Earth as a soul, I wanted to live a life of ease, flow and MASTERY, as THAT, is where actual bliss comes from.
  3. I wanted to move away from the fear, scarcity, stress and "achievement-based" hustle culture mindset that my parents had to adopt to survive in a foreign country.

Countless hours have gone into perfecting my methods and principles and I'm summing them all up in this system.

Here's Why This System Would Normally Cost $7400 or more...


If I were to work with you 1-on-1 to teach you everything, the minimum to deliver this material to you would be 10 hours, which at my hourly rate, would be USD 2000. If we add a 1.5 hour session a week for 10 weeks for personalised attention, that would be another USD 3000, bringing the total to USD 5000. 

Many ongoing clients need therapy and coaching from time to time. If we add 2 1-hour sessions a month for 6 months, that's another USD 2400, bringing our total to USD 7400.

One of the reasons I can offer this system much cheaper is because we will not be working 1-on-1. Until this becomes an online video course library, we'll be doing group lessons online. The best part is that you'll get all the call recordings, during which you would have asked your own personalised questions and answers, and they're yours to keep. You get to review the material over and over and apply these principles, techniques and concepts in your life as quickly or slowly as you like.

Also, it takes less of my time to teach a group rather than individually. Because of this, I'm releasing Expressing Your Gifts today at the lowest rate possible...

$39,000 VALUE

Normally $7400

Get Expressing Your Gifts Today For Just $397

A Weekly 5-Week Coaching Programme With Bonuses

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Expressing Your Gifts is currently conducted in batches for systematic intakes and the fun of learning from each other's mistakes and successes in a worldwide community, because first and foremost, we are human. Next, we're humans who help each other.









Don't Forget: It's Completely Risk Free


All the accolades you read about above were not based on "luck". They happened because of a system I use. If you follow the instruction and knowledge given in this course for 60 days, show me that you have, and you do not see massive positive changes in your life, I'll refund your money, no questions asked. That's how confident I am that this system works... because it does.

I’ve packed a lot into Expressing Your Gifts because not only do I want you to create your own Authentic Life Success that you deserve but I want to guarantee that you don’t fail.

To make it a no-brainer deal for you I’m giving you a 60 day 100% money-back guarantee with your purchase of Expressing Your Gifts today.

That’s right: Go through the course, make use of the personalised session with me if you purchased it with Premium, follow the steps, put in the work, show me that you have, and if you don’t love it in the first 60 days of your purchase, send me an email and I’ll refund you immediately. No hard feelings from my end.

If Expressing Your Gifts doesn’t work for you, I’d much prefer for you to take your money and invest it where you will be happier and get results. I just want you to get on the road to unlocking your authentic life (your actual authentic life and success - not just the whining on social media bit)... IMMEDIATELY.

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One Time

  • Module 1 - 11 Lessons
  • Module 2 - 17 Lessons
  • Module 3 - 9 Lessons
  • Module 4 - 8 Lessons
  • Module 5 - 8 Lessons
  • 1-Hour Personal Deep Dive Session With Zephyr Khambatta
  • Weekly Coaching Calls and Q&A With Zephyr Khambatta For A Year
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One Time

  • Module 1 - 11 Lessons
  • Module 2 - 17 Lessons
  • Module 3 - 9 Lessons
  • Module 4 - 8 Lessons
  • Module 5 - 8 Lessons
  • 1-Hour Personal Deep Dive Session With Zephyr Khambatta
  • Weekly Coaching Calls and Q&A With Zephyr Khambatta For A Year
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