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The name "Three Part Human" was channelled at 1:44am (spiritual, angel and ascension number) on 29th July 2019 (adds up to "3"). The name arrived from the divine when I had an urgent internal request as to what name would be appropriate for fitness and dance classes which I was about to start at a country club nearby with trainers under me.

Shortly after, when I was trying to grow the movement, slogans were channelled into being such as, "Awakening The Human Species In Mind, Body & Spirit" and "Re-Education For The Human Species In Mind, Body & Spirit".

More recently, as a YouTube channel developed, two more slogans have emerged which you now see on our site's home page and YouTube channel, such as, "Spiritual Self-Care For The Awakening Human" and "Personal Development That Works".

I hope you can find the guidance, direction, personal development and growth that you are looking for via our YouTube Videos, Blog Articles, Reiki Healing, Coaching Services and Courses. If you have any other inquiries, feel free to send them through as well via the details on the Contact page.

Three Part Human

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