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Relentlessness Is A Virtue

Often, we are faced with doubt. This could be internal doubt or external doubt. We may measure ourselves based on results that we have accomplished, or fallen short of. Others, may do the same. Based on that, we might think that a pursuit is no longer worth pursuing, because of us not making much headway in the direction that we wish.

However, it is wise to note, that not all progress is linear. Sometimes, the Universe and God will throw lessons our way to teach us useful lessons that are part of our soul's growth, which we may then see are extremely useful in achieving our long term goals, versus our short term satisfaction. Of course, sometimes, we may see these as a waste of time altogether, whether we know or don't know that they are lessons for the long run. The important thing to note here, is that nothing is ever wasted, and that you have an eternity (beyond this life, even). Things at the moment could seem like successes or failures, but they all have their place in the long run, in our lives. Trust your soul mission, and feel your way forward everyday, with your heart and your soul. As was once famously said,

You can't connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them, looking backward. - Steve Jobs

One thing I have found, is that stopping, is folly. Continuing on, in small or big ways, can lead to wonderful things down the line. There are moments of intense work, and moments of relaxed work. There are moments of aggression and moments of meditation. Eventually, what you must know, is that you were sent to Earth for a specific purpose, and the sooner you start to get in touch with yourself, the sooner you can remember the purpose, and the sooner you can start to live a life worth living.

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The mistake that most women and men make in the current day and age (2021), is that their nervous systems are souped up on stimulants and a barrage of instigatory guidelines and rules for more "progress". This causes burnout, fatigue and frustration. This is dangerous because it can lead to them throwing away or aborting perfectly amazing work or ventures at a moment's notice, due to imbalanced emotions. I should know, I have been there several times myself, in the past, and with much less frequency, in the present as well.

True progress, is chugging away intermittently at a task or venture for an entire lifetime... and perhaps leaving it behind for the next generation to continue. If you have visions like that, pursue them with everything you are worth, in healthy, limited doses, and take enough time to recharge for the next few sprints. Dedicate yourself to this. Do note, that dedication also means ensuring that you are able to continue. Forever.


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