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My Experience With GetGo Carsharing, Johnson Lim (CMO & Co-Founder) & Customer Support Rep Mitch.

GetGo Carsharing Singapore. Zephyr Khambatta renting a Lexus from GetGo carsharing.
Me next to my rented Lexus RX 300 in Changi Airport Singapore.

I'd like to personally recommend GetGo Carsharing and the wonderful people who run this place.

For starters, I'd like to say publicly that Johnson Lim has got to be one of the coolest Co-Founders I've spoken to. I've got to be honest, the call he agreed to with me earlier in the year must have been a strange call for him, because while I complimented the company and mentioned how they've brought a lot of fun to our family at weekends, I also told him about how there seemed to be breakdowns in the Customer service department, primarily stemming from verbiage, English usage, and so on.

Now that I think about it, that was more of a content writing issue perhaps. A small one, but an important one. I think that the UI and UX of any app, platform or device, needs to be seamless and stellar for a great user experience. Who doesn't? It's something I spot immediately, and as a person who's worked in startups for a long time now, I'm always wondering if the company knows something is broken and if they can fix it. I tend to be a solutions kinda guy. Always on the lookout to improve things, better (verb) things and streamline systems.

I'm so thrilled that Johnson dove straight into the case with me, and we quickly got to the issue in less than 30 seconds, after which he asked me to send detailed emails with the correspondence with the customer support reps (from where I'm assuming they sorted it out).

I think if ALL co-founders and CMOs were this open and receptive, companies would improve quickfast! LOL. Thank you Johnson!

Also, I'd like to commend Mitch (customer service rep) on her service today. She has seriously saved me a lot of time. For the 2nd time, I left my cashcard inside one of the cars, and while in the previous incident the driver after me probably stole the card (you naughty driver!), this time around, the team managed to contact the customer, and the customer has kept the card inside the glove box, for me to retrieve later today, after their booking ends. (The car's home location is near my house, 1 block down). They did this on a tight timeline!

If this didn't happen, here's what I would have had to do like the previous incident. I would first have to reach out to NETS, which only cancels the card upon receiving (and reading) your email to them (which could take hours or days and might be pointless if the card thief has already used up all your money in the card by then). Worse, my cards are always linked to my bank account for an Auto Top-Up functionality feature (a good feature, thanks NETS), where when you're exiting a carpark or gantry and if your cashcard balance is too low to pay for the parking, it auto tops-up the card from your linked bank account and then pays for it. Fantastic, but dangerous, because now the thief can just keep using the card till kingdom come, assuming you still have money in your bank account. The faster method I've found, is to call the bank and cancel your Credit Card or Debit Card, which the Auto-Top Up Feature by NETS for the cashcard's balance, is linked to.

There are pros and cons of having the auto top-up linked to your bank card and not the account itself. Once you cancel the card, for example, the thief can no longer top-up the cashcard via the auto top-up feature, even if they use up the balance that was inside the card (max $30). This is because the system by NETS will detect that hey this bank card is no longer working. And so the thievery ends there.

The problem with this though, is that now, if you had all your bills and online services (and the gazillion things we to pay for both online and offline) linked to your one bank card which is now cancelled, you need to get a new card, and update credit card details E V E R Y W H E R E!

I did this at the last incident and it was crazy. LOL. It takes a lot of time especially for an entrepreneur and freelance talent like me.

So THANK GOD AND THANK MITCH and GetGo Carsharing, for being able to contact the customer who rented the car today to check if he had the card and I've been told he's now put it in the glove box for me to collect later. When I first started using GetGo Carsharing I must be honest, I was PISSED because for my very first rental ever, the app wouldn't recognise my face under the hot sun in Singapore, one afternoon, when we had an entire family day planned. And there was APPARENTLY no other way to verify my identity (really guys? LOL. I can joke about this now because I now love you.) to let me into the car. Me. The most law abiding and loudmouth person on social media. Honestly... where would I run and hide if I stole your car? I can't hide. I'm too public LOL. So I would never do such things. I'm also a spiritual life coach and priest, so yeah. HAHAHAH. You don't have to worry about that from me. 😂 🙏🏻 😂 🙏🏻 😂

Thanks GetGo Carsharing for being amazing. I will now recommend you to EVERYONE!!!

P.S. We already WERE recommending you to everyone. I guess good karma comes back around. 💫❤️ Love, Growth & Excitement Always ❤️ Zephyr Khambatta

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