Are You Leaving Things To Chance?

I've been told I dream too big.

Yes, people actually say that. Funny, I know. Considering they wear shoes, play instruments, work for corporations, enjoy vacations, travel on planes all created by people and give 8 hours of their days, every day, to people who dreamed too big. *shrugs*

Here's how I live. I forge ahead with my intuition, by 30 years. I ask myself, "What would be cool to have at this stage of life?" This is because where we are now, is the result of what we planned, or didn't plan, 30 years ago. For those of you who are around 30 years of age, that's your childhood conditioning. It was planned for you. For those of you who are about 60, that's your childhood conditioning, and then what you chose to, or chose not to, do.

Next, I come back to the present and ask myself, "Ok so what do I need to set up now, no matter how dumb it seems to onlookers or how scrappy and funny it looks, so that I can build inside these containers, for the next 30 years, and keep it certain enough and of a standard high enough so that there IS a good foundation to build on, but open enough and dream-like enough, for it to evolve with the Universe, my ever-evolving self and the current times and needs of the people over the next 30 years?"

Then I get to work. Done it again, and again, and again, and again. You may ask, well how do we know for certain that those things WILL work out and happen? Simple. Use Universal Visualisation. Nothing I've wished for and worked on, hasn't come true yet. I'm serious. (I've bought the domain and am about to share my method with the world, soon. More on that soon. Subscribe to this website in the form in the footer, if you have not, for a weekly email containing my latest insights on Self Development.)

And then, when people see the end result 8 years later I get called... you guessed it... "Lucky."

"You're so LUCKY Zephyr! You're so fortunate."


Yes, I am lucky. I'm lucky because I KNOW HOW to navigate or I make it a point to LEARN HOW TO.

Not because things navigate themselves and create themselves.

I urge you to look ahead boldy, and craft the existence of your dreams.

All My Love,


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