An Open Invitation To Succeed

This article is probably not what you think it is going to be. Get ready for a wake up call.

When you start living as a Three Part Human, in mind, body and spirit, especially spirit, you connect with this Universe. When you connect with this Universe, you understand that we are a primitive species who are pretty much destroying the planet and each other. This is out of line with how evolved species on other planets and in other solar systems behave. There are other species? Yes there are, from what we know. So is this a competition about comparing? No it isn't. It's an experience, to experience, Who You Really Are.

Meaning? Meaning if a man and a woman are both inextricably in love, live and breathe for and with each other, cannot be separated and are experiencing true love & for some reason do not manage to have passionate soul-reaching sex, then they haven't really experienced all there is to experience as a pair.

  • We use the example of a man and a woman because their body parts fit into one another at the groin area. We're not judging when societal conditioning or your life's traumas or exploratory desires will have you acting on all sorts of other combinations of making love, having same-sex marriages and so on. You do live in society, and in a very human experience, which can often lead to such outcomes. Connection is arguably the number one need of human beings, so it is completely understandable and even accepted when a person wants to be with someone of the same sex because of reservations about the other. These could be deep reservations, or frivolous ones. You have free will. This isn't a guideline on love (both Universal and the stuff in day-to-day human life) - meaning Universally, your love IS for all beings, and in today's society, we DO HAVE plenty of same-sex marriages and so on.

  • Scientifically, however, you know what we mean. Universal Truths are Science and the study of Science is the study of Universal Truths - just like we cannot deny gravity, we cannot deny that humans evolved to reproduce as man with woman, or at least with the sexual organ compatibility that we've come to know today, for reproducing. In short, scientifically, we do not have a baby till a sperm meets an egg, for Homo Sapiens. There is a reason that that baby (an act of Creation), happens at what is now known as (or what your girlfriend will convince you is) the "ultimate act of love." [Men, pay attention, women are on to something quite Divine.]

Similarly, if you live on Planet Earth which is in this Universe and do not experience Love, you aren't living the highest emotion and experience possible in this Universe. You don't have to, but if you want to, the experience is available. Living in Love though, would mean not destroying the planet and each other. It IS that simple.

A lot of people tell us, "You “spiritually awakened” lot talk a lot of radical nonsense. Follow our methods, get a job, earn money, make love, have kids, buy houses, invest, achieve success."

Success. Millions of people on the planet are crying out for dignity, starving for food and desperate for shelter. How can you say you have achieved success, with all this going on? Success? Is this the same success you’ll teach your kids? 

No one is truly successful, while others are dying, especially on a planet where there is ENOUGH for everyone.

I am sorry to inform you that modern day society's version of "Success", is not living in and with the highest truths of the Universe. If that is ok with you, and it is ok to watch other humans die while you feast on processed snacks, cigarettes and more bread than your system is designed to handle, just because you are separated by borders, flags, passports and oceans then that is your choice.

However, by default, it will not be your version for long because the same programming that drives that version of success, drives the destruction of the planet - and when the animals are all dead, the plants are all dead, the oceans are murky and grey, and the very air you breathe will be toxic, I guarantee you your version of success, will change, to be in line with the Universal Truths. You will repent and try to change.

So... if that is going to happen anyway eventually, if your version of success is going to be changed to the highest and truest version in line with the Universe, my invitation to you is, "Why not change it now?" What exactly are you waiting for? Your work organisations to tell you how it's going to be? The same organisations who've lead the planet to what it is right now? Sure, there are a lot of exceptions and people who were/are on the Universal Truths path here and there. If you are currently actively seeking counsel from them or joining with them then great. Obviously though, they weren't/aren't high enough in numbers, yet. (So keep going). Look around, at what we have done to the planet in the current proportions of different mindsets that make up the driving organisations of society and culture. And if you are waiting for the whole planet to change before you do, my brothers and sisters, then cheers to perishing together, sooner than we could have.

Who cares though right? We've gotta get those donuts for the party later, and after everyone leaves watch the news about how more people are dying a few countries away.

Beautiful. Now let's get to sleep and do it all again tomorrow.

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