Learning From The U.S. School Shooting In 2022 - 5 Points To Evolve The Human Species Into More Love

Summary -

Here’s a message I channelled from above. Yes, it is about a violent topic, but the message is peaceful. I’ve infused as much love, peace and reasoning as I can into it. Please spread this message worldwide. If you know lawmakers in the U.S., please send it straight to them.

References & Books Mentioned -

I speak about how it works on other planets (things I learnt from Dolores Cannon’s books - my referral links to all formats in the YouTube description or Instagram bio) and how it could work on Earth (things I learnt from the Conversations With God books - my referral links to all formats in the YouTube description or Instagram bio), and how we could approach thinking about this topic with love and kindness towards each other in multiple aspects.

Dolores Cannon - Happenings On Other Planets - 


Neale Donald Walsch - Conversations With God - Every Answer You Ever Wanted About Life On Earth - 




My sincere condolences to all families affected. The whole planet, is actually affected, as every time anything occurs on Earth (small or big), it all adds up and ripples through the consciousness of all. Please help others awaken by opening up their mind, bodies and spirits.




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