What Music Producers Actually Have To Do

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What Do Music Producers Actually Have To Do? 

I've often had that reaction from people when I head to a dinner gathering of family friends or a party (the latter of which is rare nowadays with a child). 

That reaction where they go wide-eyed, a little red, let out a little smile and go, "Oh my god you're a music producer? THAT'S SO COOL!!!!!" 

Ok. Relax. I must admit, it is sweet sweet fulfilment to finally finish producing a song, no doubt. However, it is literally... a desk job. And a ear job. And an emotions job. And an architecture job - sound architecture that is. And a mastermind's job. A job for detailed people. 

A tiring job, basically, that can wear you out. It has the same effect in terms of fatigue levels as a workout, if we're being honest. Ask any serious music producer friend (those who do it for a living) to "hang out" after work, and you'll probably see them decline the invite, or if they show up, just sit quietly while sipping something. 

Unless they're one of those "I work out 6 times a week" - type music producers. 

My parents have gained a more accurate impression of what I do over the years, but when starting out, I'm quite sure they thought I hung out with thugs. Truth be told, there WERE probably some thugs in my arts school or at least near the locations we rehearsed or performed at, which sometimes, could be dingy. 

My corporate friends who I left on our initial path to pursue something more adventurous, probably think I live "the high life". I used to be a top student when I was very young, and then dropped out of the National University of Singapore to pursue music. 

My wife has in the past often asked suspiciously, "Who are you with?" when I used to collaborate often and return home late. Of course as we grow closer and our relationship evolves in life, those questions come less and less as we both completely surrender to each other and trust. More importantly, uphold each other's trust. 

The truth is, if I'm producing a song or am preparing for a song release, I'm at a desk, for HOURS at a time, often forgetting to eat unless my helper says something or someone interrupts me. That's how soul work is done... for me at least.

Here's a meme I created which I believe is accurate: 

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