Zephyr has helped corporate professionals, musicians and children get in touch with their

minds, bodies & spirits through teaching, coaching, counseling, mentoring for the past 11 years, since 2009.

He got his start in health and spirituality at the age of 7. He became a priest at the age of 13.

He was the top student for the majority of primary school, then proceeded to enter the top Secondary School,

Junior College and University in Singapore. He was won medals along the way in hockey, canoeing and soccer

in school & the Singapore Army. At 22, he dropped out an Engineering degree to pursue a Music degree,

majoring in drums, which is arguably one of the most physical instruments. In his words,

this was his love for physical health and spirituality matters taking over.

In the same year, he started teaching in the fields of

physical training & music, via private classes & in recognized institutions.

His approach has always been to help someone be the most balanced human they can be.

In 2012, his friends and he formed a makeshift band just for the Clash of the Bands band competition

in Singapore and placed 2nd. In 2016 he acted on a primetime TV drama for 5 months.

In 2017 a spiritually uplifting song he released was featured on MTV and VH1.

In 2019 he launched Three Part Human, his movement to awaken the species in mind, body and spirit.

He has been featured in the Asian media and press over 20 times for his life choices, drumming and music

which he likes to attribute to a balanced mind, body and spirit. This concept is what permeates all courses & coaching

at Three Part Human. In 2020 he was picked as one of the three featured inspirational stories & featured by

CEO Vishen Lakhiani in the Mindvalley Be Extraordinary Graduation Ceremony.

In 2020, he created THE TOP TO TOE TRANSFORMATION to help individuals who want to slim down

& have a great body, learn how to lose fats and sculpt an attractive body healthily, effectively

& permanently so they can experience exceptional well-being, confidence, self-esteem

happiness for life, without needing to give up their favourite foods, starting

any ridiculous diets, or having to hire a personal trainer, unless they want to.

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