About Me

I went through a major spiritual awakening in my life after attending the top schools and University in Singapore and realised the need to help everyone out of the oppressed society that we have created around this planet (read more in some of my course descriptions). What I aim to achieve through my courses, education and sharing of my story via my blog, YouTube channel etc, is for human beings to get limitlessly familiar with their minds, bodies and spirits. In so doing, people can align themselves with the highest truths and peace. When larger and larger numbers of human beings experience this, humans and their conditions can start to change and we can create a better world for all.

This is something I've said often - "Let's face it. Calm, whole and aligned human beings do not go to war, get aggressive, play power games, try to control others or ignore the environment’s well being. We can start to solve most problems on the planet by simply getting in deep touch with ourselves first."

I'm doing my part for this process via activities and courses that enable human beings to enjoy, express themselves creatively and learn more about themselves. I've been featured numerous times in the media, press, blogs etc for my career in music, music education and life choices. I've taught humans as young as 3 and as old as 65.

I feel blessed to be able to share my journey, knowledge and wisdom with others who can benefit. I am a priest, a life coach, a Universal healer, a body transformation and maintenance coach, a recording artist, a music producer, a music production teacher, a drummer, a drumming teacher, a writer and a speaker. As you can see, I use various tools to spread the same message which is to get you in touch with the highest truths and light. I am a messenger of divine wisdom.

Every human is creative. Every human deserves the right to freedom, education, knowledge and peace.

All My Love

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